Top new activities to try in 2023


2023 has been the year for trying new things and exploring new places. After a few years of being confined to close quarters, many people across the world are back to booking regular trips to different places, trying out new restaurants, finding thrill seeking activities, and exploring new groups in their local area.

So whether you’re looking for something new to do close by or are looking for your next big adventure, below, we’ve put together a list of top ideas for top new activities to try in 2023. 

Go to a festival 

Whether you’re a seasoned festival goer or are yet to dip your toes in the water, festivals don’t have to be all about loud music, camping in the mud and hangovers for the next week. There are many cultural festivals out there too that have something to offer the whole family. Take the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh that has been running throughout August, it featured the Royal military tattoo parade, as well as different shows to suit everyone’s interest. 

Some other festivals across the UK include:

Jorvik Viking Festival.

  • Jack in the Green.
  • Hay Festival.
  • Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling.
  • Highland Games.
  • Notting Hill Carnival.
  • Robin Hood Festival

Play at an online casino

Sometimes it’s nice to find something to do that doesn’t involve you having to get out of your pajamas and leave the house. Online casino slots are a great game to play as they’re a lot of fun and don’t require you to have any previous knowledge of how to play the game or a particular strategy like more complex casino games such as poker or blackjack.

Many of today’s online casino slot games are themed and offer exciting plot lines that make it feel more like a video game than one at the casino. What’s more, online casinos are able to offer larger jackpots and more bonuses and offers for new players as there are more players contributing to the prize. 

Be sure to find a quality online casino like Bally’s Casino UK in order to have the best experience and know that your personal data is also safe. 

Go to a new restaurant

When life is so busy and you don’t get many opportunities to go out, it can be tempting to keep going to the same restaurant when you do get the chance as you know the food is good and you’ll have a pleasant experience there. However, life is too short to keep eating at told restaurants every month and it’s important to explore other cuisines, different flavors and new atmospheres that will create new memories and get you outside your comfort zone. 

Perhaps look up a restaurant from a cuisine you have never tried before as more and more restaurants are popping up in 2023, offering foods from countries you may have never been to and giving you the opportunity to explore a new culture. If you must go to the same restaurant, at least try a new dish every time you go. 

Check out the Leeds year of Culture

Leeds’ year of culture kicked off in January this year and brings new music, literature, shows and much more to the city every month. It offers a rich opportunity for you to engage in new cultural activities and get involved in something you’ve never thought of checking out before.

Some of the activities going on in September include an exhibition of the NHS and the vital work they do, a weekly crafts club at Leeds City Museum for under 5’s, an art showcase on Regent Street, and jazz and blues Sunday to name a few of the hundreds of activities available. 

Read a book by a new author

Books offer us so much, from giving insight and perspective into others lives and different viewpoints, to offering a chance to escape our current environment. However, when we find an author we like, it can be tempting to only stick to a particular author or genre.

This month, try out a new author or genre that you’ve never read before. If you usually read romance novels, try a crime novel instead. Or if you usually read non-fiction, try out the latest best selling fiction. The best way to find out what’s on offer is by visiting your local bookstore and browsing new titles, or by visiting a publishers website and seeing what new authors they have or top titles they are currently promoting. 

Overall, it can be easy to become stuck in a rut when we do the same things over and over. However, trying something new is good for the sole and offers a wealth of physical, mental and social benefits. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get planning your social calendar for the rest of 2023! 



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