Modern devices for quick ice production: how do they work, which model should you choose?


It is difficult to imagine preparing refreshing alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, iced coffee, and desserts in many restaurants, bars, or even in the home kitchen. It is important to know what to focus your attention on when choosing such a device and choosing a specific model of BF Tech block ice makers .

How does the ice maker work?

Home and commercial ice makers work on the same principle. The ice maker has a special water tank and a special container that is used as a place to receive ready ice. Like any refrigerator, the ice maker needs a refrigerant to work. Pour water, connect the device to the power source, select the desired ice-making program and the ice maker will start forming ready ice cubes. This is a general rule. Operation of each model may vary slightly depending on available features and control panel. Ice makers usually offer different cube sizes, such as large and small, as well as different shapes of the ice that is made. A working device must signal the end of the production process with light or sound. Certain models of ice machines that are featured in the extensive BF Tech range may have additional ice-crushing options that are useful for making cocktails such as daiquiris and mojitos.

Options for using ice generators are available

Such a device as an ice generator is an indispensable assistant in any catering establishment, bar, or cafe. Without them, you cannot prepare fresh lemonade, fresh juice, a refreshing cocktail, coffee, or any other drink on a hot day. Therefore, when creating a corporate business plan and a map of available drinks, an efficient, proven ice generator for professional use should not be missing. Now we come to an important question – what settings are needed for the ice machine to work as efficiently as possible in a restaurant, bar, nightclub, coffee shop, or at home? In general, the device must meet the requirements for the amount of ice required. Therefore, the efficiency of the selected ice maker model should meet your actual needs in the amount of ice you need. What other key values should you focus your attention on? The volume of the water tank of the ice maker directly depends on the efficiency and power of the device. For example, a small portable ice maker with a daily capacity of 15 kilograms of ice can be equipped with a tank that holds 1 kilogram of finished ice. The ice production cycle time is also quite an important indicator. A typical ice maker model has an ice-making cycle time of 5 to 20 minutes. Industrial models of ice makers produce ice until the tank is full. Models of ice machines, which are widely used in restaurants and hotels, must have an ECO function, which automatically turns off the device after the successful completion of its operation. As with any device that consumes electricity, the power rating is quite important. Power affects performance, this indicator is always worth paying attention to when buying a device from BF Tech. As a rule, the higher the power, the greater the productivity (the amount of ice that the device makes in a given period) and the higher the electricity consumption of the ice maker. Choose the device according to your needs.

What are the key things to pay attention to when buying an ice maker?

It is important to familiarize yourself with the most important parameters of the ice generator. Before making a purchase, it is important to compare your ice maker requirements with the price and specifications of your chosen model. As you know, the performance of the devices must meet the needs. If you’re a small cafe or bar, it’s still worth considering the peak holiday season, when customers buy more soft drinks than any other time of year. Each buyer can choose an ice generator model that fully meets all his expectations and requirements from the large selection of models presented in the BF Tech range. There are also models of ice generators that are ideal for owners of small pizzerias, large bars, and nightclubs.

If you choose a model that produces a small amount of ice per hour, this does not mean that a small ice maker will not work properly. Choose a model with the technical characteristics that correspond to your indicators of the amount of ice you need in a certain time, according to your requirements. A professional device should be easy to use. It is a convenient, intuitive-to-read LED or LCD screen and a clear device control panel. It is important to get water from a stable source. Water supply from the tap is considered the most reliable. Smaller models usually need to be filled with water by hand, these models are great for a house party, but not ideal for serving the needs of a cafe or restaurant. Like other tools and equipment used in the kitchen, an ice maker must be reliable and built to last. You can find reliable models of ice generators at BF Tech, where ice generator products are presented only from proven, well-known manufacturers. The bodies of ice machine models are usually made of stainless steel. The material has high resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage (scratches, dents, etc.), and the influence of a humid environment, because, as a rule, these devices are installed in kitchens. Stainless steel is much easier to keep clean in the kitchen.

The difference between home and commercial ice generators

The main difference between home and commercial ice makers is their size and power ratings. An ice maker for home use should fit freely on the table and not take up much space. Such models are ideal for the kitchen. Commercial devices are becoming an increasingly competitive solution for those who do not wish to purchase additional equipment. They have a lot of power, take up a lot of space, and can make a large amount of ice in a certain amount of time (80-100 kilograms of ice per day can be made by a typical model of a commercial ice maker). To enjoy freshly made ice for a long time, any model of ice maker needs regular maintenance. Deposits can form inside the device, which affects the quality of the ice. Do not forget to clean the device regularly and thoroughly. All models of electronically controlled ice makers have their special cleaning program that needs to be used from time to time. Always use cleaning agents recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Ice cubes are probably most often added to various types of summer refreshing drinks. Ice cubes can be used to beautifully decorate and serve seafood, fish, and other dishes. That is why such a device as an ice maker has become extremely popular, but it is important to choose a model that will fully satisfy all your needs and expectations.



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