Corey Harrison Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Corey Harrison Net Worth

This article will discuss about Corey Harrison, a notable figure who has captured the attention of many due to his multifaceted talents and intriguing life journey. Here you will find the details of Corey Harrison Net Worth, early life, affairs, and other topics. Let’s begin with a brief introduction.

Who is Corey Harrison?

Corey Harrison or also known by his nickname “Big Hoss,” has become a well-recognized figure in the realm of television and pop culture, mainly owing to his prominent role on the hit reality TV show “Pawn Stars.” His vibrant personality, business prowess, and unique interests have contributed to his distinct presence on the show.

Corey Harrison Net Worth

The World Famous Pawn Shop, which has been in the Harrison family for generations, became the backdrop for Corey’s foray into the entertainment industry. In essence, Corey Harrison is more than a reality TV star – he is a symbol of growth, adaptability, and the pursuit of one’s passions.

Full Name Richard Corey Harrison
Born April 27, 1983 (40 years)
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 6ft (183 m)
Profession Businessman and Reality Television Personality
Social Media None
Net Worth $4 Million

Early Life

Born in 1983, he embarked on a life journey that would ultimately lead him to become a prominent television personality. His early life was characterized by a blend of challenges, opportunities, and the foundation laid by his family’s longstanding business.

Growing up in a family deeply immersed in the pawn broking and antiques industry, Corey was exposed to the intricacies of the trade from a young age. This familial connection set the stage for Corey’s entry into the world of pawnbroking and collectibles.

However, there were ups and downs, and Corey had to navigate the demands of learning the trade while balancing his personal growth. His unique blend of business mind, charisma, and passion for history caught the attention of producers, leading to his role as a central figure on “Pawn Stars.”

How Much is Corey Harrison Net Worth?

40-year-old reality star, Corey Harrison’s net worth has been a subject of curiosity. As of 2023, Harrison owns over $4 million in net worth. His immense wealth was primarily accumulated through his successful career as an American businessman and reality TV personality.

Corey Harrison Net Worth

Corey reportedly earns $25,000 every episode on Pawn Stars and appears on several of its spin-off programs. Even iCarly and iLost My Head featured him in a cameo. He also has his money from running the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. He also manages off-screen companies in Las Vegas as well.

Facts Behind Corey Harrison Net Worth

Television Stardom and “Pawn Stars”

Corey’s breakthrough into mainstream fame came with his role on “Pawn Stars.” The reality TV show offered viewers an insight into the daily operations of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, making Corey a household name.

His on-screen persona, charismatic negotiation skills, and insights into antiques and collectibles became a significant draw for audiences worldwide. As a core cast member, it’s safe to say that Corey’s involvement in the show contributed significantly to his financial prosperity.

Pawn Shop Ownership

Corey is a member of the Harrison family, who owns and operates the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. As one of the proprietors, Corey likely benefits from the shop’s profits, which stem from transactions, appraisals, and sales of a wide range of items, which boosts his net worth.

Collectibles and Antiques

Corey’s passion for antiques and collectibles, cultivated through his experiences in the pawn shop, extends beyond the show. He has likely capitalized on his knowledge by buying and selling valuable items independently, either through online platforms, auctions, or specialty events. These activities provide a significant amount to his overall wealth.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Corey has shown an aptitude for business beyond the pawn shop. He has been involved in ventures related to merchandise sales, memorabilia, and collaborations that cater to fans of “Pawn Stars” and collectors alike. These endeavors could serve as lucrative income streams.


Public Speaking and Events

Corey’s insights into the world of pawnbroking, antiques, and pop culture have positioned him as a potential speaker at events, conferences, and panels. Public appearances and speaking engagements can offer both financial rewards and opportunities to connect with fans.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

As a recognizable personality, Corey might have entered into endorsement deals or sponsorships with brands aligned with his interests or the themes of “Pawn Stars.” These partnerships can provide additional streams of income.


Corey’s involvement in various business endeavors might have led to investments in other ventures, such as startups, real estate, or other entrepreneurial projects. Smart investments can contribute to his overall financial portfolio.

Licensing and Media Rights

Corey’s likeness and persona from “Pawn Stars” could be licensed for various purposes, such as merchandise, video games, or media projects, providing ongoing income.

Content Creation and Social Media

Corey may engage in content creation through social media platforms, YouTube channels, or podcasts, sharing insights, experiences, and anecdotes related to his expertise and interests. These endeavors can contribute to his financial success.


Harrison purchased a 7,069-square-foot house in Las Vegas for $1 million in 2013. In 2016, he put this house up for sale for $2,39 million. He initially offered $2 million in May 2022, then reduced the price many times and put it up for rent for about $6,000 per month.

Corey Harrison paid $80,000 for his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. His assets are few but can help in his overall net worth.

Personal Life

One notable aspect of Corey Harrison’s journey has been his inspiring weight loss transformation. Struggling with weight-related issues for years, Corey took a significant step towards better health. He underwent gastric sleeve surgery and adopted healthier lifestyle habits, resulting in a remarkable weight loss journey.


Does Corey Harrison have a child?

Yes, Corey Harrison has a son named Richard Benjamin Harrison.

Is Corey Harrison still alive and how old is he?

Yes, Corey Harrison is still alive. As he was born on April 27, 1983, which would make him around 40 years old.

How is Corey Harrison’s health?

Corey Harrison is in fantastic health after many weight loss surgeries.

What is the net worth of Corey Harrison?

Corey Harrison’s net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Corey Harrison net worth is proof of his transformation from a young assistant to a revered television personality and enterprising individual. Corey has demonstrated that success can be achieved through determination, innovation, and a genuine connection to one’s interests. As Corey continues to explore new ventures, his financial legacy is likely to flourish alongside his diverse range of endeavors.


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