What is the Duration of a Manual FUE Hair Transplant?


Are you researching manual FUE hair transplants and want to know about the duration of the surgery? This is renowned as a safe and successful way to know extract hair follicles for a transplant. When you choose an experienced surgeon, you can expect amazing results, which can include increasing the density of hair in a thinning spot and transforming baldness. 

But, most people want to know the duration of the surgery since you are under local anesthetic. In other words, you are awake for the procedure. If you are someone that is nervous or does not like medical processes, this can be a daunting prospect. So, you like to know in advance how long you are going to be in surgery for.

The answer to this question is not straightforward. You will need to understand the process and the procedure you are getting. Here is a guide that can give you a better idea of what you should expect.

How Long will a Manual FUE Hair Transplant Take?

On average, most manual FUE hair transplants will take a few hours. Of course, this is for the procedure itself, but it also includes a number of breaks. These time-outs are essential for the surgeon so that they can keep their focus and ensure the best results. But, these breaks are also beneficial for the patient. Sometimes, it can be nice to stop and refresh before sitting again for the procedure. This is particularly true if you are nervous.

Know that the duration of the surgery largely depends on your needs and how many hair follicles are necessary. For example, if you are have a lot of balding and require many hair grafts, this is a procedure that is going to take longer to complete. For instance, the surgery might be spread out over two days. This will depend on what the surgeon thinks is best. After all, achieving the best results is always going to be the priority.

Alternatively, if you only have minor hair thinning, the surgery is going to be shorter in duration. Indeed, this might only take a few hours. The surgeon will be able to give you a better idea of what you can expect during a consultation. You can head to https://resulyaman.com/manual-fue-hair-transplant/ to read more about what is involved in the surgery and arrange an appointment with Dr Yaman, a very skilled surgeon in the manual punch FUE technique. He offers free consultations so that you can get the full picture before committing to a hair transplant.

What is a Local Anesthetic Like?

Perhaps you were not aware that you are awake throughout your hair transplant. This can be something that scares people and make you apprehensive about the surgery. But, you need to learn more about a local anesthetic and what the experience will be like. It is not as bad as it sounds and most patients cope well with this situation.

Painless Procedure

When you hear about how hair follicles are extracted, you start to worry that it is going to be painful. But, the good thing about a local anesthetic is that it will numb the area. In this case, your scalp will feel numb, which means that you will not feel any pain. Some people say that they can feel a slight pressure. But, this is not described as being painful.

Can Feel Tired

Some patients say that they can feel tired when they have had a local anesthetic. This can be during the procedure itself or afterward. We would say that this is not a bad thing. It means that the procedure can go quickly and you are not aware of what is happening. If you are anxious, feeling tired can help you worry less.

Wears Off After a Few Hours

Note that local anesthetic will wear off after the surgery. This can be between one and three hours later. When this happens, you will start to feel some discomfort from the procedure. But, your surgeon will hopefully help you with pain relief and you can know the next steps you will take.

When Can You See the Full Hair Transplant Results?

The most popular question people want to know the answer to is when they will see the full results from the hair transplant.  It is natural to be excited and if you have been waiting for the surgery for a long time, you want to enjoy the results as soon as possible. 

Something to remember is that good things come to those who wait. You will have to be patient when it comes to a manual FUE hair transplant. The results can take up to one year to be seen. While recovery is faster and more comfortable than other procedures, you still have to wait for the hair follicles to settle and then allow growth.


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