Using Fragrance to Enhance Mood 


When you think of your favorite place, the image in your mind probably includes more than just the visual. Chances are you can recall the scent, and just the memory probably makes you relax. Seasons of the year have their own distinctive fragrances, with pine scents recalling winter, floral aromas associated with spring, coconut fragrances reminding of summer, and pumpkin spice bringing thoughts of fall. There is a physiological reason for this, and studies show that certain scents can enhance your mood. That means your favorite Paco Rabanne fragrance really does make you happier!

Another side effect that is affected by fragrance is your mental health. It may seem a little strange to know that if you wear a perfume that smells like orange, you will feel less anxiety, and your mind will be clearer and calm. If you wear lavender, your mental stresses will decrease, but your arousal rates will increase. There are so many responses to fragrances that most people have no idea about, so do a little checking around if you want to focus on lifting yourself in one specific way. 

Science and Scent

It has long been understood that a person’s reaction to a smell depends on the previous emotional experiences associated with that scent. However, research on scent reached new heights during the pandemic as scientists dove deeper into why people react strongly to certain smells. The findings reinforce long-standing beliefs about the power of fragrance and introduce new explanations for what has been long suspected. Those explanations circle around the idea that the smell itself does not elicit the response or reaction, but rather the thoughts and memories that are brought up in your mind due to those smells. 

So what that means is that what the smell of roses and lilacs means to you and your family may very well be entirely different for your best friends and their family. That is why it is crucial to understand your specific reactions to each type of smell, so you end up with a collection of perfumes that bring back good memories and avoid the bad.

Limbic Links

A 2020 study published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience revealed that your sense of smell is stronger than your other senses, with a direct correlation to your limbic system. The limbic system impacts your motivation levels and controls strong emotions such as fear and pleasure. This explains why certain smells like those in your Paco Rabanne cologne can relax, inspire, or cheer you up.

The other side of this coin is caring for offspring, sexual drive, hunger, and dominance. The limbic system also affects these four critical aspects of survival, especially in the primal world when humans were first coming to power. That is why lavender can ease the stresses of your mind while increasing your sexual arousal because they work hand in hand to give you the best advantage over the competition around you. 

Now today, it is not as imperative to have the upper hand because the human species does not rely upon you landing the person in your sights, but knowing how smells can affect your mood, and the attitude of those around you, can still give you the upper hand in any situation, not just in the hunt for a mate.


Emotional Connection

A second study indicates that 75% of the emotions you feel throughout your day are associated with your sense of smell. Additionally, research shows that fragrances can impact your brain power, affect your alertness, relieve fatigue and anxiety, improve your physical health, and even increase your generosity.

Have you ever noticed that the smell of the food can send you on an emotional rollercoaster when you are sitting in the breakroom waiting for your lunch hour to be over? Maybe the leftover lasagna your friend is heating up makes you happy because that is your favorite dinner food when you go out with your partner. On the other hand, the tuna fish sandwich that the person sitting next to you is eating makes your stomach upset because of that time when you ate some spoiled fish. 

Everyone will have different emotional responses to different smells, some of which will give them deep emotional connections through memories and dramatic experiences that they have lived through in the past.

Fragrance Vibes

Perhaps the most surprising scientific discovery about scent is that it has a visible energy. Using gas chromatography, essential oils show an energy reading that resembles a heartbeat measured on a cardiogram. The molecules that make up the fragrance actually vibrate, and that sensation is transferred as the scent is inhaled. So, you are scientifically accurate when you say your favorite Paco Rabanne cologne gives you good vibes!

The Power of Functional Fragrance

Neuroscientists are working to capitalize on the connections between scent, memory, and emotions by pinpointing the specific combinations of fragrance notes that enhance mood. Known as functional fragrances, these scents are specifically formulated to increase positive feelings, instill a sense of calmness, boost your energy, or improve your sex drive.

Fragrance Combinations

The following are known fragrances that enhance emotions. Combinations of these scents can help with specific occasions and conditions.

  • Calmness – cardamom, chamomile, lavender
  • Happiness – peppermint, jasmine, rose
  • Energy – bergamot, lemon
  • Intimacy – clary sage, ginseng, sandalwood, ylang ylang

Popular Functional Fragrances

Some of the most successful perfumiers are trying their hand at functional fragrances, and many are on the shelves today.

  • Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend
  • Yves Saint Lauren Libre Le Parfum
  • Veronique Gabai Aroma

Take the time to try them out by spraying them directly on your skin, such as across your inner arm or wrist. Since you will be spraying it directly on your skin if you purchase the perfume, you need to know how it will smell on your skin. If it has a pleasing aroma to you, make sure to ask your friend that is with you, or stop someone else in the shop and ask them for their honest opinion. You never want to grab and go because each perfume will smell differently on your skin, so check it out before buying. 

Shop Your Favorite Fragrance

With so many fragrance combinations available, shopping is fun and endless! For a one-stop shop with a great selection and unbeatable prices, check out LaBelle Perfumes. There you will find your favorite Paco Rabanne scents and other functional fragrances at a great discount to enhance your mood.


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