What is Low Bed Semi Trailer?


1.What is a low bed semi trailer?

A low bed semi trailer, also known as a lowboy trailer or low loader, is a type of trailer commonly used in the transportation of oversized and heavy loads. It is designed with a very low deck height compared to other types of trailers, allowing it to carry tall and heavy cargo such as construction machinery, large equipment, or even military vehicles.

Low bed semi trailers typically have a flat or partially sloping bed, lower than the wheels and axles, which helps in providing the necessary clearance for taller cargo. They usually have multiple axles to evenly distribute the weight and increase stability. Additionally, low bed semi trailers can be designed with removable goosenecks or hydraulic lowering systems to facilitate the loading and unloading of the cargo.

The construction and engineering of low bed semi trailers make them suitable for transporting loads that would not fit on traditional flatbed trailers due to their height or weight restrictions. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, and oil and gas, where large and heavy machinery needs to be transported between job sites.

The main characteristic of a low bed trailer is its low height, which allows for the transportation of tall and oversized cargo without exceeding height restrictions and clearances. The low bed trailer has a bed that is lower to the ground compared to other types of trailers, typically between 12 and 24 inches off the ground.

Low bed trailers are commonly used in industries such as construction, oil and gas, and mining to transport heavy machinery, equipment, and large vehicles. Some examples of cargo that can be transported on a low bed trailer include bulldozers, excavators, cranes, tanks, and wind turbine components.

2. What are the types of low bed trailer?

  • Low Bed Semi Trailer: This type of trailer has a low-lying bed with no sides or rails. It is used for hauling heavy and oversized items, such as construction equipment, machinery, and large containers.
  • Step Deck Low Bed Semi Trailer: Also known as a drop deck trailer, a step deck low bed trailer has a lowered section towards the rear, allowing for the transportation of taller cargo. This type of trailer is commonly used for carrying tall and oversized objects, such as wind turbine blades and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Extendable Low Bed Semi Trailer: An extendable low bed trailer has the ability to extend its length to accommodate longer cargo. It is often used for hauling items that exceed the standard length restrictions, such as long pipes or timber.
  • Detachable Gooseneck (RGN) Low Bed Trailer: A detachable gooseneck low bed trailer has a front-end ramp that can be detached, allowing for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment. This type of trailer is commonly used in the transportation of heavy construction machinery and vehicles.
  • Modular Low Bed Semi Trailer: A modular low bed trailer consists of several units that can be connected together to form a longer or wider trailer. This type of trailer is used for transporting extra-heavy or oversized loads, where a single-unit trailer may not be sufficient.

3.Advantages of low bed semi trailer

  • The main beam of the low bed semi trailer is made of HG60 high-strength structural steel. Its yield strength is ≥ 620Mpa,We used submerged arc welding technology ,it has a higher carry capacity and to make the beam more solid .
  • The lowbed main beam adopts a height of 550mm and a thickness of 14mm. The thickness of the upper plate and lower plate both are 22mm, and the width of the upper and lower plates is 220mm.Side support’s thickness is 6mm, the distance of the side support is only 450mm.
  • The side beam adopts “H” shape design and is welded with HG 60 steel and it is designed H shape with a height of 300mm, width of 140mm and thickness of 8mm,it has a higher carry capacity and service life of more than 10 years. 
  • Low bed semi trailer uses polyurethane paint with strong adhesion and bright colors. The paint won’t come off after five years,
  • The bottom platform of the lowbed semi trailer is made of 5mm thick patterned plates, which are thicker and more wear-resistant.
  • Low bed semi trailer has reinforce the lower vertical plate of the main beam gooseneck, and double layer main beam vertical plate of the gooseneck,which makes the trailer more solid.
  • Low bed trailer use a 16mm thick plate spring for thickening. After loading the excavator, the deformation amplitude is small
  • The low bed semi trailer use the reinforced suspension on our trailer, front and rear, left and

right are reinforced,which ensures the stability and safety of the vehicle.

  • The low bed semi trailer can provide the braking system and landing gear both use world-renowned brands WABCO and JOST.
  • Titan low bed semi trailer tire has been working with the company for over 12 years.Ensure quality.In China, 200000 kilometers can be used for 2 years without any problems.

People also ask these questions

What is the difference between a trailer and a lowbed?

One of the features that differentiates flatbed trailers from one another is the trailer bed height. Unlike a standard flatbed, whose height is uniform throughout at 60 to 62 inches, a lowboy has two higher sections along with a lower middle area. The middle section of a lowboy may only be 22 to 24 inches in height.

What is the capacity of a lowbed trailer?

Lowbed trailers have different capacities, such as 20 T/tons, 30 T/tons, 50 T/tons, 70 T/tons, 80 T/tons and 100 T/tons, 120 T/tons, 150 T/tons. Each type use different number of axles from 2, 3, 4 axles to 7, 8 axles.

How tall is a lowboy semi-trailer?

Standard lowboy trailer height from the ground: 18 ft. Lowboy trailer freight height: 11.5ft to 12 ft. Lowboy trailer width: 8.5ft maximum.


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