Ronaldo Jr Height, Age, Career, Bio, Mother, and More

Ronaldo Jr Height, Age, Career, Bio, Mother, and More

The son of football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo Jr. is a sensation on his own merit. Walking in the footsteps of his father, he plays as a forward for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr club. Only 13 years old, he has a massive fan following. So much so that his fans want to know everything about him; from Ronaldo Jr height to his club history, and everything in between.

If you want to know everything about Ronaldo Jr., we have got you covered. This article throws light on the life of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Height, Age, and Net Worth

Full NameCristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Jr.
Nick NameCrishtianinho
Date of BirthJune 17, 2010
Place of BirthSan Diego, California
Ronaldo Jr age13 years
Zodiac SignGemini
FatherCristiano Ronaldo
MotherIrina Shayk
GrandparentsJosé Dinis Aveiro and Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro
SiblingsEva, Mateo, Alana Martina, and Bella
Ronaldo Jr Height4 feet 4 inches (132 centimeters)
Ronaldo Jr Weight101 pounds (46 kilograms)
Hair colorBlack
Net Worth$1.2 Million

Ronaldo Jr bio: A brilliant footballer in the making

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr or Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Jr is the son of the world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Just like his father, Ronaldo Jr is also a footballer. He plays in the forward position for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr club.

Ronaldo Jr was born on June 17, 2010 in San Diego, California. CR7 took to Facebook and Twitter to announce the birth of his first son. In his post, he also mentioned that the mother of his first son does not want to come into the public glare.

She has given Ronaldo exclusive guardianship of their son. Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro takes care of her grandchild. His ancestry is related to Cape Verde through his great-great-grandmother.

Ronaldo Jr shares a great bond with his father. He accompanies his father to his matches and also practices with him. He began training with his father in 2018.

On the field or off the field, the father-son duo is always seen having a great time with each other. Just like his father, Ronaldo Jr is also passionate about football and want to make his daddy proud by excelling the art.

You can find several short videos of him playing football on various social media platforms. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr height in feet is 4 feet 4 inches, and he weighs around 101 pounds.

It is interesting to note that Ronaldo Jr height will increase at least for five more years, so the height he possesses now will soon change. It will be exciting to find out if Ronaldo Jr height will be more than CR7 or not!

Ronaldo Jr net worth is around $1.2 Million, which is massive considering he just turned a teen!

Ronaldo Jr family life

Jr has a close-knit family. He loves his family, which is quite evident in the pictures of his family that we see online.

Apart from his father and grandparents, Ronaldo Jr has four siblings. Eva and Mateo are twins that Cristiano Ronaldo had via surrogacy, and Alana Martina and Bella from his partner, Georgina.

Ronaldo Jr. also had a stepbrother, Angel (Bella’s twin), who died during childbirth. His stepmother, Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez Hernandez, is a model and social media influencer from Spain.

He also has an uncle and two aunts. His uncle’s name is Hugo, and Elma and Liliana are his aunts.

Rumor’s about the Ronaldo Jr mother

Cristiano Ronaldo took the world by storm when he announced the birth of his first son on July 3, 2010. Ever since the news surfaced, his fans and media made several speculations about the mother of CR7’s first child.

The initial speculation was that the mother of this child is Irina Shayk, who dated Ronaldo once. But Ronaldo put a full stop to all the assumptions by sharing with his fans that he had his first child via surrogacy and the mother wants to keep her identity a secret.

Several reports have claimed that Ronaldo paid 10 million pounds for full custody of his son.

Although nothing is known about the mother, some media houses, including Sunday Mirror and The Sun, have claimed that Ronaldo Jr mother is a 20-year-old British girl who lives a regular life. Ronaldo did not want to settle down with her.

In 2014, The Mirror reported that the woman is from the US and works as a server. In another instance, a video surfaced on TikTok showing a picture of a lady with the footballer on a yacht, claiming that the woman is the Ronaldo Jr mother.

The caption was

“Ronaldo Jr. was raised by his father’s girlfriend and grandmother, but this is his real mother.”

This video created a stir online. Many noticed a similarity between Ronaldo Jr’s and the lady’s facial features.

Although the rumor mill churned out many bizarre rumors regarding her, the real identity of Ronaldo Jr mother is still brushed under the carpet.


There were also rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s mother wanting her baby again in barter for the sum offered to her.

Tabloids have claimed that she calls Cristiano Ronaldo frequently, pleading with him to return her baby. Apparently, the lady might have got a fortune in exchange for her child, but she never found happiness.

She might have been living a lavish lifestyle but had to pay a heavy price. She lives in constant guilt and wants to repent. No one knows whether these claims are true or baseless.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross in 2015, Ronaldo spoke about his son’s mother. He told that Ronaldo Jr has no idea who his mother is and he will only find out at the right time.

He clarifies that he will surely tell his son because he deserves to know the truth. Some reports claim the football star will only know about his mother once he turns 18.

Similar to Ronaldo Jr height, age, net worth, and club career, Ronaldo Jr mother is one of the most searched things on Google. But we could tell you exactly as much has been revealed!

Ronaldo Jr Career

Ever since he came into the world, Ronaldo Jr became a sensation. Everyone knew that he will take his father’s legacy forward, and true to their belief, Ronaldo Jr does step in his father’s shoes. Although he has a long way to go, he is doing good on the field.

Ronaldo Jr’s first stint on the ground was with Spanish side Real Madrid. But, there are no solid proofs to back this claim. In October 2016, he played his first match and scored for Pozuelo de Alarcon.

In 2018, he moved to Juventus’ Badut under-9s in Italy with Ronaldo. He became the shining star in the club’s under-9 side in his debut match. He scored four goals against Lucento and drove his team to victory by 5-1.

In a game against CS Maritimo, he scored seven goals in the first half. His first season comprised 28 games in which he managed to get 58 goals and 18 assists.

In September 2021, the football world was filled with the news about him joining Manchester United after his father joined the club. He joined Manchester United’s Under-12 squad, the Red Devils, during the summer transfer.

Jr officially joined the club in February 2022 and played alongside Kai Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s son.

Georgina Rodriguez roots for her stepson

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, shared about it with their fans on Instagram. She posted a picture of Ronaldo Jr. with a No.7 Manchester United jersey. She captioned the post as,

“Pursuing our dreams together. Mum loves you.”

After a few days, another picture surfaced in which Ronaldo Jr was practicing with his father in a Manchester United jersey.

The picture was captioned as,

“Present and future.”

Ronaldo Jr had a very short stint with Manchester City. He left the club in late 2022. Post his father’s move to Al-Nassr, Ronaldo Jr joined a National Sports Center in Riyadh named Mahd Academy.

In 2023, he moved to the Al-Nassr Academy.

The Jet Ski Controversy

Being Cristiano Ronaldo’s son and a footballer himself, Ronaldo Jr is not aloof from controversies. He found himself in soup in July 2020 when we went jet skiing alone.

He cut through the water and swiveled around at a high speed. A video was recorded from a boat.

Elma, his aunt, posted his video on her social media account. Although she removed it later, it was already too late.

An investigation ensued, as confirmed by Guerreiro Cardoso, Maritime Police Chief, on July 13.

As per Portuguese law, using a jet ski without a license is an offense, and a hefty fine is slapped on the offender.

The fine ranges between £268 and £2688. The police investigated the matter to find out the owner of the jet ski and determine whether a fine should be paid.

Ronaldo Jr Instagram

Ronaldo Jr opened an Instagram account in February 2020, when he was only 9 years old. He garnered around 1 million followers almost instantly. But he deleted his account shortly.

Right now he is not on Instagram, but you will find many fan pages that constantly post his pictures and videos. CR7 has the most followers on Instagram, going beyond 600 million.

Interesting Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s nickname is Cristianinho, which translates to Little Cristiano.
  • Jr was 9 pounds and 8 ounces at the time of his birth.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Jr height in feet is 4 feet 4 inches.
  • Although he is just 13 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr loves fashion. The fashion-savvy footballer never goes out until he wears his best clothes and accessories. He always looks chic.
  • Ronaldo Jr can speak four languages. He can speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English.
  • Ronaldo Jr loves traveling with his family. He enjoys exploring new places.
  • Apart from traveling, he also likes swimming. He is a water baby and loves beaches. It is evident from the photos he posts on his social media channels.
  • Ronaldo Jr is a multi-talented kid. Besides languages and swimming, he also likes singing.
  • In 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a video of Ronaldo Jr emulating his pose on scoring goals and free kicks. The video instantly became viral on social media.
  • While playing in Red Devils U12, Ronaldo Jr would often perform Ronaldo’s “siiu” celebration after scoring.
  • At Manchester United, he played alongside Kai Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s son.
  • It is an interesting fact that Ronaldo Sr. is a strict dad. He does not allow Ronaldo Jr. to eat French fries or drink Coca-Cola. He is even forbidden from carrying a phone.
  • Most recently, there were rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. following Islam when his grandmother posted a picture of him wearing traditional Muslim attire. After watching the Al-Nassr star’s son in a white robe and headgear, the world went into a frenzy, linking a regular picture to Ronaldo Jr.’s inclination towards Islam.


During the celebration of the UEFA Champions League win, where Real Madrid defeated Juventus by 4-1 in the Champions League Trophy in Wales, the team and its fans gathered at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium after parading with the trophy.

A Real Madrid fan recorded a video of Ronaldo Jr. demonstrating his excellent soccer skills. He was wearing the club’s purple jersey. The video showed him dribbling the ball around two children, doing a pirouette, and taking the ball past the goalkeeper to finally take it to the net. This 20-second video created a stir amongst football fans across the world.

Final thoughts

Coming into this world as Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is a big responsibility. Ronaldo Jr knows that he has some big shoes to fill. Given the passion he has for football, he can live up to the name of his father.

Once Ronaldo said his son has everything it takes to become a successful footballer, and we cannot agree more. His videos from his training sessions show his dedication to the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is hardworking. He trains hard with his father and spends time on the field practicing his game. We hope he has a career as bright as his father’s, and we also hope that you would have gotten all the answers to your questions about Ronaldo Jr height, age, family, mother, and career.


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