7 Important Details You Should Have on Your Quinceanera Invitation Cards


Let’s admit it: creating a quinceanera invitation can be a challenging task. You have a lot of things to consider for this 15th-year celebration, such as the theme, the typeface, the style, and more. 

It’s just a tiny piece of paper, but it holds a lot of importance to the big day’s celebration.

But fret not because we’ve prepared something for you.

We created a list of must-have invitation card items and ideas for your 15th birthday celebration.

And whether you’re an event organizer or a birthday celebrant, rest assured that you can use all of these items to elevate your quinceanera invitation cards in the best way possible.

7 Tips and tricks for your quinceanera invitation cards

Here are the top-tier elements your invitation cards should have:

1.Motif and dress code

You don’t want your guests to guess what to wear for the big event. Or what color scheme to follow. You must include these details in your invitation to guarantee that your visitors will wear attires stylish yet suitable for your quinceanera theme.

2.Date, time, and location

One of the worst ways to sabotage your invitation cards is to forget to mention the date, time, and location of your birthday celebration.

Highlight these important details so that your invitees can mark their calendars ahead of time and get some preparations done as well.

We suggest you add directions to your party venue so guests can get there faster and more easily.

3.Handwritten message for invitees

Handwritten letters never go out of style. To make your invitees feel extra special upon receiving your invitations, you can add handwritten messages uniquely created for each of them.

This might be a lot of work, but hear us out.

If you want to make your guests feel that you would really appreciate it if they celebrate this coming-of-age with you, it wouldn’t hurt to hand them messages that express that exact message.

Or if you’ve got hundreds of people on your guest list, you can print out short messages for them. This will save you from the callouses while still ensuring good-quality invitation cards.

4.Video message for invitees

While it’s true that handwritten personal messages are heartwarming, you can also add a more intimate gesture for your cards—video messages.

An online video greeting card creator lets you record, upload, and embed videos into your cards in just a few clicks and taps on the phone.

This might seem a little too impossible to imagine, but really, it’s super easy to make. All you need is a phone or a laptop, an internet service, your video message, and you’re good to go.

You can upload the videos using the card maker online, and the software will immediately encrypt the video file into a QR code pre-attached on the card design.

With a personalized video invitation card, you can guarantee that your invitees will feel extra special and ensure you’ve given them an invitation to remember.

5.Contact information for RSVP

It could be an email, a phone number, social media accounts, or any platform where guests can quickly contact you or the designated person for RSVP invitations.

So long as it’s indicated somewhere on your invitation cards, you no longer need to worry about anything else.

6.Program of the celebration

Offering a sneak peek of what your guests will expect at your birthday celebration is always a good idea.

You can Include the event’s program flow to give them an idea of what will happen on your birthday.

There could be a specific schedule for dancing, games, drinking, photo ops, and more! And yes, you can include all of these on your cards.

7.Portrait of the Quinceanera celebrant

We’re sure you did some fun shoots for your upcoming quinceanera party. And they’ll be in good use because you can flaunt those dreamy photos right in your invitation cards.

This is a great invitation card element, especially if you’re sending them out to loved ones who haven’t seen you in months—or maybe even years!

Gift them something to remember you with, such as multiple photos or a single portrait they can keep on photo albums or frames.


Your invitation cards are like the identity and reflection of your birthday party. So make sure you go all out when making them.

With all these 7 listen tips, we sure hope you get to send out a quinceanera invitation with your style and personality depicted in it because we all want one thing with it—to make sure that your invitees spend this special day with you.


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