The Best Under Cabinet Lights for Kitchen Cabinets: Illuminate Your Home


Under cabinet lights for kitchen cabinets can be the perfect way to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere while also making your space brighter. In this article, we will discuss how to find LED lighting solutions that suit your needs, different types of lights available, installation instructions as well as maintenance advice so you can have customised lightning in your kitchen.

Short Summary

  • Carefully consider purpose, colour temperature and energy efficiency when choosing LED under cabinet lights.
  • Task lighting provides focused illumination for tasks like chopping ingredients while accent lighting is used to draw attention to specific areas or objects.
  • Smart Lighting Integration allows users to control their under cabinet light system remotely for a more personalised experience.

Choosing the Right LED Under Cabinet Lights

When deciding on which LED under cabinet lights to select for your kitchen, you can greatly enhance the atmosphere and increase its practicality. Task lighting is ideal for activities such as food preparation while accent lighting provides a way to showcase features in the room. Consider factors including colour temperature, energy efficiency and purpose of illumination when selecting kitchen cabinet lights. To make things easier, decide what you want these led under-cabinet or other kinds of illuminations to achieve before making any decision!

Task Lighting vs. Accent Lighting

For a successful kitchen atmosphere, it’s important to understand the distinction between task and accent lighting. Task light sources are placed above work surfaces in order to shed focused illumination on activities like cooking or washing hands. While contrastingly, accent lights help highlight certain objects such as tiles for aesthetic purposes. Combining both types of lighting can bring forth desirable results- utilizing task lighting over countertops combined with some focus spotlights on interesting backsplash features is always an effective move!

Color Temperature Options

Under cabinet lighting offers a variety of colour temperature choices which can be used to construct the desired atmosphere in your kitchen. Warm white (3000K) provides an intimate, inviting ambience whereas cool white (4000K) produces a contemporary look. Some under cabinet lights even comes with both warm and cool white settings so you have more options when deciding on the ideal environment for your space! You can change the colour temperature with a switch.

It is important to consider color temperature since it has such great influence on how we perceive our cabinets, lights and overall mood within any area. From having just one range of colours right through to multiple varieties across different products – there are plenty of possibilities available that allow us to create whatever kind of vibe they desire.

Energy Efficiency and LED Bulbs

Modern cabinet lighting is powered by LEDs, which are usually fully integrated into the fitting. Older forms of cabinet lights had bulbs which you could replace. The integrated versions aren’t replaceable, you need to replace the entire fitting.

LED lights will help you save on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, the lifespan of an LED is around 25,000 hours – up to 20 years if used for three hours daily! LED fittings offer an excellent sustainable option with low maintenance. Perfect for illuminating kitchen cabinets or other spaces in need of illumination.

Types of LED Under Cabinet Lighting Solutions


LED cabinet lights, LED undercabinet lighting solutions and other forms of illumination such as puck lights, strip lights and bar lights are all available to provide the perfect ambience for any given area. All options have their own set of benefits that must be considered when making your decision on which one best fits your needs in terms of effect desired, ease during installation process and parts being illuminated. To assist you with picking the ideal solution for you, we’ll discuss each type’s characteristics pros-and cons so that an educated choice can be made.

LED Strip Lights

Led strip lights are the perfect option to light up kitchen cabinets due to their customisability and flexibility. LED strip tape can be cut into any length, these strips can be installed quickly on all kinds of surfaces making them a great choice for cabinet lighting.

LED strips come with various color temperatures giving you an opportunity to create your own ambiance in the kitchen. With colour changing options known as RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or RGBW which is RGB and cool white, or RGBWW which is RGB and warm white. Colour changing strips allow you to unleash an entire spectrum of colours in your room, while the single colours of warm white or cool white are limited to just one colour.

Dimmable LED Strip Lights

Another key advantage of LED strip lights is that they’re available as dimmable or non dimmable. They operate on low voltage which is either 12V or 24V DC and require an LED driver. If you want to be able to dim them, you just select a dimmable LED driver. 

Puck Lights

Puck lights, popular for their ease of installation and low profile design, are the perfect option if you need a source of concentrated light in specific areas. These small round fixtures can be quickly mounted beneath cabinets or shelves, some versions operate on batteries providing an ideal plug-and-play, wire-free lighting solution. Other types of puck lights operate on mains voltage and require wiring.

They offer cost effective illumination solutions when highlighting art pieces, open shelving options or countertops inside your kitchen space. The battery powered versions aren’t usually as bright as mains voltage and require recharging from time to time.

Bar Lights

Bar lights, ideal for cabinet lighting and cupboard lights, are a smart solution as they generate even illumination along the whole length of your cabinets. Easy to install and maintain with their varying sizes accommodating all types of shapes. These units produce little heat so you can enjoy efficient light without worry or danger.

Not only do bar lights make great kitchen cabinetry accents, but also offer practicality in terms of visibility when doing work on countertops thanks to their consistent output levels.

Installation Tips for Under Cabinet Lights

For the best performance and safety, installing under cabinet lights correctly is key. This requires comprehension of different types of lighting such as recessed or surface mounted systems along with the significance associated with wiring up LED’s and drivers. Follow the directions from manufacturers when beginning this process and use their recommended LED drivers to power their lights, then if you do encounter any problems you can consult with their technical support team and check where you might have gone wrong.

Surface Mounted vs. Recessed Lights

Surface-mounted lights are fastened to the surface of a kitchen cabinet, whereas recessed lighting fixtures sit hidden inside. Each type has their own advantages and disadvantages which should be carefully taken into account before making your final decision. This might include considering installation complexity as well as design preference.

Installation wise, installing surface-mounted lights is often simpler compared to those that need embedding within cabinet. Many homeowners prefer having an unobtrusive look provided by recessed lighting for their kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Ultimately selecting between these two types will come down to individual taste. With specific requirements such as layout and installment parameters for any given room. Recessed lights will require some drilling into the cabinet but will produce a flush, more minimalist look.

Cable Connectors and LED Drivers

Some cabinet lights come with plug-in cable connectors which will speed up your installation time. Rather than having to terminate your wires into a small terminal on an LED driver, you can plug it straight in and quickly create your own under cabinet lighting system. It is necessary to have an extensive knowledge about the wiring process as well as a compatible in-line LED driver with sufficient wattage rating, for effective installation. To ensure successful completion, proper connection must be made while making sure that all lights remain correctly connected throughout the entire setup procedure.

Solderless connectors can also make installation less time consuming when it comes to connecting up LED strip lights for your cabinet lighting fixtures – allowing quick and efficient operation without having issues along the way regarding connections between strips being incorrectly attached or placed on cabinets wrongfully!

Dimming Options and Controls

Under cabinet lighting with adjustable levels can be an ideal choice to fulfill the need for personalised and versatile lighting. Through a dimmer switch or remote control, you have more control over your LED under cabinet lights so they shine just as bright (or not quite so much) as you desire. It is important to take into account whether both these pieces of equipment are rated correctly and compatible when choosing which ones to employ in order to create that special light atmosphere throughout any space!

Mains dimmable LED drivers with an LED compatible dimmer switch is the best option. You can then switch and dim your lights from a conveniently placed switch on your wall.

Maintaining Your Under Cabinet Lighting System

In order to keep the under cabinet lighting system looking and working great for an extended period of time, regular maintenance is essential. Regular cleaning of the fixtures to remove any dirt or grime will help to maintain their performance and troubleshooting any issues that may arise from incorrect wiring or spacing.

By ensuring correct distance between components as well as checking all connections frequently can help you sustain your system’s functionality while keeping it aesthetically pleasing too!

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Shut off the power source before wiping down each light using a dry cloth. If there’s a lens covering the fixture, use slightly damp fabric instead for cleaning purposes, but make sure not to disturb any of its components while performing maintenance on it. Take time out to inspect all wiring connections as this can help identify problems ahead of major issues developing from it.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When diagnosing issues with a cabinet lighting system, it’s helpful to check for defects in wiring, incorrect wattage of the bulb used or an LED driver malfunction. Ensure all connections are secure and that the power supply is operational by inspecting wires for damage. Taking these steps can maintain safe operation as well as extend its life expectancy. Flickering lights, dimming brightness and buzzing sounds may also be indications of trouble requiring attention. Thereby helping you troubleshoot any problems quickly before they become more serious down the line.

Customising Your Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Creating a distinct and personalised kitchen cabinet lighting experience is the perfect way to add your own flair to this part of your home. Incorporate ambient light ideas, mix multiple lights such as cupboard fixtures and introduce some smart technology. These solutions will aid in creating an area that not only looks great, but also works for you.

You can craft something truly special by experimenting with new ways to customize your under cabinet illumination system, dare yourself out of the norm!

Ambient Lighting Ideas

The inclusion of ambient lighting in your kitchen can be an effective way to add a touch of sophistication and transform the area into a warm, inviting place. Lights like LED strip lights, recessed lighting and bar-style pendant lamps create atmosphere while also improving functionality. Toe kick illumination around plinths are another creative idea for making this space extra vibrant.

By bringing these types of illumination ideas together with thoughtfully designed cabinetwork, you will have created an exquisite environment where you’ll want to spend time preparing food or simply enjoying quality family moments within its peaceful ambience!

Combining Different Types of Lights

Creating a multidimensional light atmosphere in the kitchen is accomplished by combining diverse lights such as strips, plinth lights and recessed kitchen downlights. Strip lighting offers even illumination that fills up the entire area while spotlighting certain items or locations can be achieved with spot lights mounted on the ceiling.

This blending of different kinds of illuminations enables you to make an aesthetically appealing setup for your specific space, so don’t hesitate to experiment until you achieve perfect balance between style and purposefulness!

Smart Lighting Integration

Transform the way you control lighting in your kitchen with smart cabinet lights. Utilising a smartphone app, voice commands or a home hub controller, it’s easy to switch on and off as well as adjust both brightness and color temperature for ultimate customization of your space. With this technology at hand, craft an atmosphere that reflects your own personal style – all while maximising convenience! Smart lighting systems offer enhanced flexibility compared to traditional ones when it comes time to light up cabinets around the room – be sure to make full use of these innovative tools so you can create just what you’re looking for.


Under cabinet lighting can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen – offering light that is both stylish, customisable and practical. With LED lights as an option in different forms for illumination, it’s easy to suit any specific requirements you have while also creating a pleasant environment. This form of lighting gives opportunity for wonderful transformation turning your kitchen into a welcoming living space that will brighten up every occasion spent inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best under counter lighting for a kitchen?

LED strip lighting (also known as LED strip tape) is the ideal choice for illuminating your kitchen’s counters, given its long-lasting performance and energy efficiency. LED strip lighting technology can be easily installed while maintenance remains to a minimum. There are numerous colors and styles available so you can pick the perfect LED lights for your cooking space.

What is the easiest under cabinet lighting to install?

LED strip lights are, by far, the easiest type of under cabinet lighting to install. With an adhesive backing attached, installation time is significantly reduced making them ideal for anyone wishing to add extra illumination in their kitchen or work area quickly and with ease. No other form of cabinet lighting can compare when it comes to convenience during setup.

What kind of lights to use in cabinets?

LED lighting is the preferred choice for under cabinet illumination. It is well known that LED light strips and mains voltage cabinet lights are both good solutions. If you’re replacing older forms of lights such as fluorescent, xenon and halogen fixtures you’ll never look back.

To this, LED lighting provides great energy efficiency compared to other forms of light source while having an extended lifespan at the same time. You’ll find that the money you save in energy will quickly payback the costs of the new LED fittings.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing LED under cabinet lights?

When selecting LED under cabinet lights, it is important to think about the lighting purpose, colour temperature and energy efficiency of the product. Lights can drastically affect a room’s atmosphere. Choosing ones that provide adequate brightness while still being efficient with their use of power will improve any living space.

What is the difference between task lighting and accent lighting?

Task lighting is used to give direct light for practical and work purposes, while accent lighting helps emphasise certain features in the space to increase its aesthetic value. Both of these types of illumination are essential elements when it comes to creating a desired atmosphere within the building.


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