5 Categories of Wholesale Clothing You Must Buy for Your Fashion Brand


When it comes to clothing materials for a fashion brand, it is always a good idea to shop wholesale. Having reliable wholesale supplies within reach will make it easier for you to deliver to your clients and meet their needs. If you are starting, however, you may not have the capital required to buy every category of clothing available.

In this case, prioritizing will help you. This article will show you the four essential clothing categories for a fashion brand. You will also learn about some of the critical benefits of wholesale shopping.

Must-have Clothing Items for Wholesale Inventory

Below is a list of the five types of clothing you should add to your next wholesale shopping list. 

Wholesale Sportswear 

Athletic wear is always in demand for both active sports and casual outings. These products usually come in pairs and sets of varying quality. They could also come in singles, depending on what you are ordering. Make sure the wholesale athletic wear you buy is comfortable and sports-friendly. It should be breathable enough to ensure your customer’s comfort during sports. custom sport jerseys are a good option for the winter season.

Wholesale T-shirts 

No wardrobe is complete without at least a few T-shirts. Irrespective of age or social status, t-shirts are a must-have in every wardrobe. They are versatile because customers can use them with shorts, pants, and other lower-body wear. During your next shopping trip, buy some plain T-shirts in different colors. You can add your brand logo and design when the order arrives at your warehouse. 

Wholesale Crop Tops 

Another essential piece of clothing you should purchase wholesale is the crop top. Crop tops for men and women are essential. These valuable pieces of clothing allow people to get more sunlight in the summer months. They are usually casual wear, but it is possible to get some stylish crop tops that can be used for parties and more relatively formal occasions. 

Wholesale Hoodies

Hoodies are a must-have in the wardrobes of men, women, and children. Most people have different colors of hoodies in their closets to match various outfits. Hoodies can be used in summer, spring, autumn, and even winter. It all depends on the thickness of the hoodie and how much protection it provides against the elements.

Wholesale Jackets

Having some branded jackets is another excellent way to expand your clothing brand. These jackets come in different styles, and there is always an option for everyone. However, oversized protective jackets are usually more expensive than other simple options. This is why purchasing them wholesale will save your business a lot of money in the long run. 

Benefits of Buying Clothes Wholesale 

Below are some key benefits of buying clothes wholesale for your fashion brand. 

Cost Saving 

The primary obvious benefit of wholesale shopping is that it helps your business save costs. When you purchase clothes in bulk, you traditionally get them at 10% to 40% less than their retail value. The more you buy, the higher the discount in most cases. Also, having a few trustworthy wholesalers you return to whenever you need goods will lead to more discounts.


If you wait for an order to buy plain materials at retail prices, you may struggle to meet demand. However, when you buy the primary goods wholesale, you always have what you need for order fulfillment. It cuts down the time for shipping and processing these clothes for your client. You will also save labor power that can be used for other aspects of the business. 

Quality Control

When you have one or two trustworthy wholesalers at your service, it will be easier to control the quality of your products. The case is different with retail distribution when there is no clear foundation of trust between you and the distributor. Also, you can manage the cost of sales based on the quality of the clothes you produce. There can be affordable and high end products in your inventory. 

The Verdict 

Wholesale shopping is the way for small, medium, and large-scale clothing brands. The volume of the wholesale purchase may vary based on your company’s demands, but the benefits will remain the same. Make sure you create a business link with a trustworthy wholesale supplier.


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