Best Coffee Shop in Long Beach


If you’re a new Long Beach resident who loves your coffee, knowing the best coffee shop in Long Beach is prized information. Having a good cup of coffee while enjoying the fantastic coastal weather is always an excellent way to start the day. 

Luckily, Long Beach is home to several coffee shops that serve a variety of hot and cold brew goodness, so you can always get your fix. This article will explore 5 of the best coffee shops in Long Beach. 

5 Best coffee shops in Long Beach

These coffee shops in Long Beach provide excellent service and delicious coffee all year round

Common Room Roasters

Both single-origin and international blends of coffee are available at common room roasters. Common Room Roasters is Long Beach’s top coffee store because they source and use the best coffee beans supplied by farmers worldwide. Their brewing process is highly meticulous, focused on preserving the unique taste and quality of the beans. 

If you visit the Common Room Roasters, try the Brunswick blend. This signature blend was second in Portland’s “America’s Best Expresso” competition. 

Other outstanding coffees from Common Room Roasters include Darkside Blend, City Block Blend, Colombia Huila Decaf, Columbia Aponte Village, and many more. 

So, be sure to visit Common Room Roasters at 2952 E. 14th St, Long Beach, CA, for the best blends in California. You can also order online and get your blends or brew gear delivered to your doorstep. 

Tierra Mia Coffee

Tierra Mia is one of the nicest and most popular drive-through coffee shops in Long Beach and Southern California. This shop has something for everyone, from strong and flavorful coffees, cakes, and tea to hot chocolate, ice-blended drinks, and much more. 

They have a very affordable menu, with the caramel macchiato being one of the more popular coffees in the shop. Coffee beans with a Latin flavor are Tierra Mia Coffee’s specialty and other special beans. 

So, if you’re new to Tierra Mia, try different blends and maybe a chocolate croissant. They have a kind staff ready to help you through your order.  

Tierra Mia is located at 425 E Pacific Coast Hwy and 1907 E Carson St in Long Beach.

The Library Coffeehouse

If you love having your coffee in a cozy and quiet spot, the Library Coffeehouse is perfect for you. This coffee shop is the perfect escape on those stressful days. It has big and soft sofas with rows of bookshelves that create the perfect oasis of relaxation. It is also located in a serene area.

Their menu includes vegan sandwiches, strawberry cheesecake, egg and cheese sandwiches, Americanos, and more, in addition to their superb coffee blends. They use freshly roasted beans for their coffee, so you’re certain of a strong and flavorful taste. 

The Library is located at 3418 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA. You can also order online, as they are open daily until midnight. 

Rose Park Roasters

Rose Park Roasters has some of the best coffee shops in Long Beach, with three locations, making it one of the most popular coffee shops in the area. This coffee shop is widely known by residents for having some of the tastiest coffee blends in the area.  

The Colombia Huila (best cup finalist), Colombia Cauca, Gesha Immaculate, etc., are among the excellent blends they provide. They are experts in gourmet, single-origin, and light roast coffee and offer many specialty snacks you can try. 

It is a great spot for an easy day of remote working or studying while having your favorite cup of coffee. Rose Park Roasters is open daily from 6 am to 5 pm. The shop offers both dining-in and takeout service. You can find them at 800 Pine Ave, 3044 E 4th St, and 455 E Ocean Blvd, all in Long Beach.

Black Ring Coffee

Black Ring coffee shop is another popular spot among coffee lovers in Long Beach. As winners of the best cold brew in the country in 2019, according to Coffee Fest’s judges, they provide Long Beach residents with the tastiest and most flavorful brews daily. 

Their menu has a black ring coffee that includes drip coffee, nitro cold brew, and espresso. Cappuccino, cortado, and latte are also among the coffee and milk options on the menu. 

The house drinks, which include Mexican mocha, honey oat latte, and many other amazing drinks, are another excellent part of their extensive menu. They also sell fun merch items at very affordable prices. 

Black Ring Coffee is located at 5373 Long Beach Blvd. 

Final Thoughts- Best Coffee Shop in Long Beach

Long Beach has many coffee shops that coffee lovers can explore for their daily cup of java. Some of the best coffee shops in Long Beach are; 

  • The Common Room Roasters Shop
  • Tierra Mia Coffee Shop
  • The Library Coffee House
  • Rose Park Roasters
  • Black Ring Coffee Shop 

These coffee shops consistently provide the best coffee you’ll ever have. Whether you want a cappuccino with tons of flavor or plain black coffee, you will always get the highest quality blends in these shops.



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