Benefits of Water-Based Sunscreen: Lightweight Protection for your skin


If you’re not using water-based sunscreen because it’s monsoon then you’re making a mistake. There are lots of people who only use sunscreen during summer and avoid using it during winter and other seasons. Well, let us tell you that applying sunscreen during winters, monsoons or any other seasons is completely safe and suggested by doctors. People who are very serious about their skincare routine always apply water based sunscreen whenever they go outside. 

 In this discussion, we’re going to tell you about the major benefits of Water-Based Sunscreen that gives lightweight protection to your skin and makes your skin glow. So, if you’re confused about whether it is good to apply Water-based sunscreen or not then just stick with us and follow the content below. 

 Benefits of Water-Based Sunscreen?

 There is a huge hype in the skincare market about sunscreen and there are lots of people who don’t believe it. We have mentioned the importance of sunscreen and given you a reason why you should apply sunscreen and include it in your daily skincare routine. 

 #1. It protects the skin from UV Rays

 UV rays stand for Ultraviolet rays. These are the rays that directly come from the sun and damage the skin cells. Not only this but it also works to enhance the melanin in the body that celebrates the problem of tanning. Not only this, UV radiation may cause discoloration or hyperpigmentation and also affects the skin texture. So, if you’re spending most of your time outside in the sun, then you may cause serious skin issues due to UV rays. Here, Sunscreen helps to reflect the rays that come from the sun and acts as a shield that covers your skin. 

 #2. Reduce the risk of Skin Cancer

 Skin cancer is one of the most pain-filled and severe medical conditions. In skin cancer,  the cells of the skin become completely damaged and highly reactive. Water-based Sunscreen attains SPF-15/SPF-30 or various other ingredients that protect your skin from any kind of harmful reactive elements available in the environment. According to a report,  it is found that the use of Water-Based Sunscreen will reduce skin cancer by 40%. To get the best results,  use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and reapply it every 2 hours. 

 #3. Premature Aging risk

 If you’re in your 30s but people around you think that you’re running in your 50s then you seriously need high-quality Water-based Sunscreen. It was found that, if a person uses Sunscreen daily then he can easily tackle the issue of premature aging risk by 24%. If you have dry skin then it looks older. When you apply sunscreen to your skin then let your skin be fresh and healthy which helps you to look younger. This helps to derive the natural moisture in your skin and generates a barrier between the skin and UV radiation. 

 #4. Helps to have a more even skin tone

 There are lots of people who’re facing the issue of skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation. These skin-related issues are caused by UV damage. In this, some of the certain spots available in the skin look darker, and sometimes it starts appearing red. This feels very uncomfortable and annoying. One of the major advantages of sunscreen is that the sunscreen will help to maintain decent and real skin for the user. Also, if a person’s skin looks darker due to tanning then the use of water-based sunscreen will help to make the skin more even. 

 So,  these are some of the major benefits that define the importance of sunscreen for your skin. If you’re not using sunscreen because of any reason then stop making this mistake. The use of sunscreen is completely safe and there is no side effect seen in any person yet.

 The ideal way to apply Sunscreen?

 Lots of people complain that they got 0% results even after applying sunscreen in their daily routine. Well, there might be multiple reasons and the most common reason is “No using Water-based Sunscreen in an ideal way”. Here are the ideal steps to apply sunscreen on your skin. 

     Most people only use 25%-50% of the daily requirement of sunscreen. So,  the most important thing to measure is to ensure that you’re using enough sunscreen.

  • First, clean your face with water or any other natural face wash which you use. 
  •     Now,  put out a decent amount of Sunscreen in your forefinger and apply gently over your skin. 
  •     Use 2 fingers to massage it over the skin. In case you have a big face, use your fingers instead.
  •     Make sure to apply sunscreen for 15 minutes before heading outside. Also, make sure to re-apply every 2 hours. 

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