The Miniature Equestrian’s Closet: A Look Into Ariat’s Kids Boot Collection


There’s nothing quite like sharing a passion for the countryside with the little ones, with their unconditional and often adorable enthusiasm for discovering unique things and developing new skills. Whether they’re learning to ride or helping out around the barn, their unequivocal curiosity and delight in all things equestrian quickly grow into a love of the Western lifestyle.

And who says adults are the only ones who get to fully experience the classic Western look? And who could ever resist those cute little faces, bright eyes, and genuine smiles? Putting together a ridiculously adorable look for your pint-sized equestrian is one of life’s simple pleasures, and Ariat’s assortment of kids’ boots makes it easy to do just that.

Main Features of Ariat Kids’ Boots

While the general look of all of Ariat’s footwear accurately reflects the rugged yet beautiful nature of the Western lifestyle, their kids’ models come with a few added benefits. Given the nature of the growing foot, the extensive collection of Ariat kids’ boots is designed to make sure your little ones have optimal fit and support, so they can stay comfortable even as their feet grow.

Durable Materials and Construction

First thing’s first – Ariat kids’ boots are crafted using only the highest quality leathers, suedes, and exotic skins that guarantee long-lasting wear. The full-grain leathers not only look great but also provide the most protection for growing feet. Their robust construction features reinforced toes, dual-density footbeds, and double-stitched outsoles for extra durability.

Moreover, the brand’s 4LR technology features a resilient outsole, a four-layer cushioning system, and a lightweight stabilizing shank to provide support for those long days of running around the ranch or riding lessons. The inherent resilience and robustness of the materials ensure that they won’t wear out easily and can withstand intense daily activity.

Comfortable Fit and Support for Growing Feet

During the natural development of younger feet, the way they grow and the shoes that fit can change quickly. Always on top of their game, Ariat designed their kids’ boots with multi-fit footbeds that cushion and support the foot while also adapting to its changing shape. This ensures your kiddo’s feet are comfortable in their shoes, even as their feet grow throughout the year.

The specialised elastic twin gore construction also provides a comfortable fit that doesn’t require laces or buckles, and the interior lining is designed to wick away moisture for maximum breathability. In addition, the contoured heel and anatomically-engineered insole provide a secure fit that’s sure to keep those little feet happy.

Slip-Resistant Outsoles for Safety and Traction

Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to the little ones. With Ariat infant boots, you can rest assured that your child will have plenty of grip and traction, even on slippery surfaces. Their slip-resistant outsoles are specifically designed to keep your kiddo from slipping and sliding around, providing them with the stability and security they need.

The TPR outsole delivers optimal shock absorption with every step, while its lightweight design doesn’t add any extra bulk to the boot. And if you’re worried about your kid tracking mud all over the house – no problem! The tread pattern on the bottom helps prevent mud from sticking or clumping, which inherently eases the cleaning process.

Stylish Designs and Colours That Appeal to Kids

While fashion and trends aren’t exactly at the top of kids’ priority lists, there’s no denying that they’re no strangers to liking certain looks and styles. Ariat understands this and came up with a range of fashionable colours and patterns to excite the young ones and make them look as cool as their adult counterparts.

Gone are the days of boring, plain boots that don’t give kids the opportunity to express themselves. Now they can have a unique style that truly reflects their personality, with options such as vibrant embroidery and patterned overlays.

Popular Ariat Kids’ Boot Models

Now that you’re aware of the perks and benefits of Ariat’s kids’ boot collection, let’s take a closer look at some of their popular models:

Heritage Line

Starting off with perhaps the most iconic and signature range, the Heritage line is designed to combine traditional Western fashion with modern technology. These boots feature intricate stitching patterns that give them a vintage look, along with a soft, comfortable footbed and slip-resistant rubber outsole.

Some models have a more minimalist design with a tan suede upper and traditional Western styling, plus the open-cell foam footbed that’s designed to wick away sweat and moisture. The subtle transitions from the sole to the upper reflect the brand’s commitment to comfort and performance.

Firecatcher Line

Inspired by Ariat’s adult line, the Firecatcher range is designed to help your kiddo standout in a crowd. Featuring bright and bold colours with a fire-like pattern, these boots make a statement all on their own and have a modern style that’s sure to turn heads.

The stitching is slightly more visible than on the Heritage line, and the waxy leather upper provides added durability. The design brings together the classic Western look with a modern twist that’s sure to appeal to kids of all ages.

Lonestar Line

This collection offers some of the most distinctive designs, with a variety of bright colours and eye-catching patterns. What makes these boots truly unique is their intricate inlay and overlay patterns, which give them a special splash of style.

The classic Western-style toe and the shaft reflect the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality boots with a unique fashion sense. The intricate stitching and striking colour combinations offer a signature look that your little one won’t be able to resist.

Twisted Tycoon Line

The Twisted Tycoon range is designed to combine the traditional Western look with a modern twist. Featuring eye-catching details such as Western embroidery and decorative overlays, these boots are sure to make your little one feel like a real cowboy or cowgirl.

The leather lining and rubber outsole mimic the brand’s adult range, while the twin gore construction provides a secure fit. Their stunningly bold designs and signature styling bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in any kiddo.

Quickdraw Line

Last but not least, the Quickdraw line provides boots with a style that’s sure to stand out. The shoes feature intricate designs with bold leather overlays and beautifully designed stitching. The more noticeable sole and heel design bring a unique look that’s sure to please any fashion-forward youngster.

This collection has an incredibly comfortable fit and superior support, as well as a shock-absorbing sole. Plus, the boots are treated for water and stain resistance to keep them looking good as new.


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