Is Cheating in Slot Gambling A Possibility?


Slot gambling is one of those games that attract most people’s attention. While novice players want to play to win and learn to make more money, the experienced ones repeatedly return to the slot machines to examine their luck. But here is one thing, between the novices and the experienced, some cheaters know all the possible ways to cheat in this game. 

Even though engineers now design slot machines, there have been many instances of cheating today and back when slot machines used to be made of metal. Even though slot machines are very carefully designed today and various engineers are sitting to monitor the machine in the best possible way, cheaters still find various ways to win large sums of money. 

So, the question is, is cheating possible in slot gambling? Then the answer is yes, and it has been possible before. Here are some ways a cheater can cheat in slot games, although some are old and can no longer be applied. 

1. Cheating through Code

Various gambling authorities are available in the gaming industry who operate the slot machine and monitor if they are working fine even when you play the game using a  slot site. Moreover, the engineers also design the slot machines properly and audit the same while delivering the best gaming experience to the players. 

But it has a loophole too. The same engineers responsible for designing the slot gambling machine are the ones who can find different ways to cheat. 

One such instance is when Ronald Dale Harris, an engineer from Nevada Gaming, rigged the machine’s source code to win the game. When his partner won a large sum of money, everyone came to know about the scam. 

2. Using Fake Coins

Using fake coins is a great way to cheat in physical slot machines. Various con artists like Louis Colavecchio used this method to cheat in the slot game until his arrest in 1998. Using fake coins in slot machines is perhaps the most subtle way of winning the game. Colavecchio was released from jail in 2006 and restarted using the same cheating method again. But later, he was arrested again. 

3. Using Light Wand

Using a light wand is one of the most useful ways to cheat when someone is using modern slot machines to play slot gambling. The light wand can blind the optical sensor of the slot machine so that the machine cannot figure out how many coins have been sent down. As a result, the player can manipulate the machine to take out as many coins as possible. 

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of those cheats in the history of slot machine gambling who used a light wand to win money. Even though this cheating can be caught, it is one of the most unbeatable ways invented to cheat from modern-day slot machines. 

4. Using A Magnet

Using a magnet in the slot machine is an old-school idea, which no longer exists as modern slot machines use strong computer codes. But when the players used metallic slot machines to play their game, using a magnet was a great way to cheat. 

At first, the player would spin the roll and use the magnet before the spin whenever they saw any winning combination. After the spinning stop, they claimed their money. It was not the most subtle way of cheating in the game, but it was surely famous among cheaters. 


Slot games do not require intelligence but luck. But some cheaters try to manipulate the machine to become lucky. Of course, we never suggest anyone cheat in slot gambling. But knowing the possible ways of cheating in the game can help you stay careful. So, learn to play your game properly instead of trying to make money in the easiest way possible. 


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