Elevate Your Lingerie Game: 7 Types Of Underwear To Try


Ready to take your lingerie game up a notch? Say goodbye to plain, ordinary underwear and dive into a world where comfort meets style. Trying new types of lingerie isn’t just about following the trends—it’s about finding what works best for you. After all, the first layer you put on in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day! 

Changing fashion trends and increased body positivity has fueled this market’s impressive growth. In 2022, the worldwide lingerie market was valued at around USD$28,610 million. Predictions suggest it’ll grow to $48,510 million by 2028, representing a 9.2% compound annual growth rate. Brands are noticing, offering diverse options for every body type and style preference. It’s a lingerie revolution, and it’s just getting started.

Here are seven types of underwear to try that’ll certainly elevate your lingerie game:

  • Bikini underwear

On the top of the list is the ever-versatile bikini underwear. Unlike your regular briefs, these beauties offer an outstanding balance between coverage and style. They’re the perfect pair to wear under most outfits due to their medium coverage and comfortable fit.

You’ll be glad to know that bikini underwear comes in various fabrics. Are you looking for something soft and breathable? Go for cotton. Or maybe you’re after a bit of luxury? Silk or lace could be your go-to. With a range that caters to every preference, you’re sure to find something that fits you like a second skin.

But the real charm of bikini underwear is its adaptability. Whether you’re headed for a workout, lounging at home, or stepping out for a night on the town, these gems can fit seamlessly into any part of your day.

  • Thongs

Next is a more daring option: thongs. They might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll be surprised at their comfort once you give them a try. Their minimal design reduces the chances of visible panty lines—a significant win for form-fitting outfits.

Thongs come in various styles, from classic to G-string, each offering a unique blend of comfort and sensuality. Also, they’re available in numerous materials, from comfortable cotton to luxurious silk, ensuring you’re spoiled for choice.

Despite their minimalism, thongs can be incredibly comfortable if you find the right fit and material. Plus, they add a dash of confidence to make you feel unstoppable.

  • Boy shorts

Next up are boy shorts. True to their name, these resemble men’s briefs but are designed specifically for women. If you value comfort over everything else, these are the pair for you. According to a report by The Daily Mail, thousands of shoppers dub seamless boy shorts the most comfortable underwear ever, claiming “they’re so comfy you don’t know you’re wearing them.”

Boy shorts offer full coverage and a cozy fit, making them perfect for lounging or sleeping. They’re also an excellent choice for women who prefer less traditionally feminine styles.

Their versatility is another plus. Pair them with a loose dress or wear them to bed—boy shorts can do it all. If comfort, flexibility, and a dash of style are what you seek, these should be on your radar.

  • High-waisted briefs

On the journey to redefining your lingerie game, you shouldn’t overlook high-waisted briefs. These throwbacks from the past (their popularity peaked in 1950) have made a stylish comeback, offering a blend of style, support, and comfort.

High-waisted briefs come up over your belly button, providing excellent coverage. They’re also great for smoothing out the waistline, giving you a sleek silhouette.

Finally, they’re perfect for those days when you want to feel a bit retro. Put them on, and step into the world with a classic yet fashionable vibe.

  • Seamless underwear

Seamless underwear is a true savior for form-fitting clothes. Their seamless edges ensure no visible panty lines, giving you a smooth silhouette.

Seamless underwear also scores high on comfort. With no irritating seams or stitches, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them.

Finally, they’re a practical choice for everyday wear. Wear them under any outfit and see how they boost your comfort and confidence.

  • French-cut panties

For those with a taste for vintage flair, French-cut panties are a fantastic choice. These high-waisted beauties feature high-cut leg openings, providing a unique blend of coverage and style.

French-cut panties help elongate the look of your legs while offering significant coverage at the back. They’re comfortable, classy, and are sure to make you feel like a retro diva.

Whether you’re pairing them with high-waisted jeans or a stylish dress, these panties add a subtle hint of vintage charm to any look.

  • Control Briefs

Rounding off this list are control briefs. If you’re looking for underwear that offers comfort and a bit of tummy-taming, these are your best bet.

Control briefs are designed to give your waistline a smooth, streamlined appearance. They’re perfect under fitted dresses or tight tops, creating a sleek silhouette.

And the best part? They’re incredibly comfortable. Control briefs offer shape-wear benefits without the discomfort often associated with it so you can look and feel fabulous at the same time!


Now that you’ve explored the various types of underwear available, it’s time to start trying them out. Remember, the right lingerie can make you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on the world. 

Whether it’s the versatile bikini, the daring thong, or the retro French-cut panties, your perfect pair is out there. So, don’t be afraid to splurge on these luxury intimates and experiment. Elevate your lingerie game today and make every day a little more stylish and a whole lot more comfortable.


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