Lewis Hamilton Net Worth: Life, Career, and More

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful formula one racing drivers. He has won the championship of formula one for seven times. Lewis Hamilton has created history with his extraordinary skills. Have you any idea of Lewis Hamilton net worth?

To know essential information about this legend, read through the article.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton’s full name is Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton and he was born on January 7, 1985, at Stevenage of England. He is a British Formula One Car

Racing Driver who is a seven times champion. Moreover, he broke the history of Formula One, with remarkable success.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

You will wonder to know that he is not just renowned as Formula One Car Racing Driver. Moreover, Lewis is well-known as a social activist, fashion designer, environmentalist, musician, and painter. He is now 38 years old, still he is trying to compete with Max Verstappen.

Lewis started accepting appreciation from an early age. With his enormous talent, he has won people’s hearts.

How Much Is Lewis Hamilton Net Worth?

Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is $285 million. His main earning sources are his song and royalties. However, Hamilton one of the biggest income source is the Mercedes F-1 salary. He signed a three years contract with Mercedes in 2015 to stay with the season, which was worth £100 million.


Lewis Hamilton signed a contract with Mercedes for five years that was worth £250 million. In addition, even at the age of 38, he is trying to compete with Max Verstappen. As he is remaining the face of F1, a new contract can overtake him anytime.

Early Life

Lewis Hamilton started his journey as a racer at the age of eight. He began kart racing in 1993. From then, he started to win the junior championship.

At the age of 12, Hamilton approached McLaren’s chief, Ron Dennis. With his strong personality, he was successful to impress Ron Dennis. That meeting changed his life, as a result, he became one of the members of McLaren.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Surprisingly, he joined the McLaren Mercedes Young Driver Programme in 1997.

Moreover, he won the British Kart Championship at the age of 10. With his wondering skill, he became the youngest driver and got recognition in the sports world.


Hamilton got his education from a Roman Catholic Primary school named “John Henry Newman School”. As his main focus was driving, he joined the Mercedes Young Driver Programme. After completing this, he enrolled himself in Cambridge’s School of Arts and Sciences (CATS). After graduating from CATS, he showed no interest in furthering his education.

Personal Life

Lewis Hamilton dated a young lady for four years named Jodia Ma. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2007. After that, he started dating an American singer named Nicole Scherzinger and broke up in 2015.

Lewis Hamilton is not married yet. However, there is a rumor that Lewis and Shakira are in a relationship. Though this statement is not from Hamilton himself, it is uncertain.

In an interview with Times, he answered why he is still single. Lewis has not married yet because of his busy life. He has not much time for his personal life. Due to this reason, this famous mix-racing driver is still single.

Lewis Hamilton as a Socialist

The legend man, Lewis Hamilton has a great impact on social activities. He has a strong ambition to reform society and raise a voice against injustice. He had raised a voice against racism. In addition, he has spoken for human rights.

Indeed, he is known for his vegan activism. He stated animal and environmental welfare in an interview with BBC. Moreover, he has spoken about animal exploitation.

Professional Life

Lewis Hamilton has a winning mindset along with clear goals. In the meantime, he has a diverse career as he loves to explore new things.

Lewis became more popular, with his amazing tune named “Spend some money,” which has created a different fan base. In addition, by producing this dancehall anthem, he earned a lot. Besides, as he is a distinct artist, he earned money from live shows, concerts, paintings, and music.

Racing Career

Lewis Hamilton obtained junior categories with a significant championship. Indeed, it was the first stair of his journey to Formula-1. He overpowered the

Formula 3 Euro Series in 2005. With his enormous talent, he advanced to GP2 Championship and came out as a champion.

In 2007, Lewis became the first black racing driver in Formula-1. With his exceptional skills, he won the championship in the very first season. From then, he held his position in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 as a winner. Hamilton started his high-profile career by winning the Formula One championship.

However, Lewis decided to switch his career with Mercedes in 2013. Since then, he achieved a championship by driving for the AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Maybe, Lewis will sign a new contract with Mercedes in the next year.

Music Career

Surprisingly, Lewis Hamilton has a passion for the Music industry. He has made a different fan base in this industry. He was very serious to become a musician.

Lewis played clips of his R&B-inflected tracks J’Adore and Lookin’ at You in an interview with CBS News. No wonder, Lewis is one of the best musicians as well as composer.

Some of the popular songs of Lewis Hamilton:

  • Drinking Game (2012)
  • Candlelight and Sympathy (2012)
  • Trust in Me (2013)
  • Down to the River (2013)
  • Whisky Boogie (2013)


With his massive success, he got many awards. In addition, he broke the records with his extraordinary talent. He got the formula-1 driver championship for the seven time of all time. In addition, he broke the record of Michael Schumacher for forumula-1 during his seventh championship.

This legendary man showed his phenomenal skills and won the heart of the people. Hamilton broke many records and proved himself as the best car racing driver.

Some of his achievements are portrayed below.


  • Best Driver ESPY Award in 2007
  • Laureus World Sports Award for Breakthrough of the Year in 2008
  • Laureus World Sports Award for Sportsman of the -Year(2020)
  • BBC Sports Personality of the Year -Award in 2014-2020
  • Times magazine award in 2020
  • Knighthood Award in 2021


  • Seven times Formula One Championship
  • Significant Career Wins
  • Most wins in a Debut Season
  • Grand Slams
  • Winner at Grand Prix
  • Most Pole Position
  • Most Consecutive race starts

FAQ on Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Who is Lewis Hamilton in a relationship with?

There is a rumor that Lewis is in a relationship with Sakura. Lewis did not confirm it yet.

Has Lewis Hamilton had a wife?

Absolutely not. The most successful racer, Lewis had a relationship with two ladies. However, he never got married. Since 2015, he is still single.

Who is Lewis Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend?

The names of his ex-girlfriends are Jodia Ma and Nichole Scherzinger. He broke up with Nichole in 2015. Since then, he is still single.

Who has the most F1 wins in history?

Undoubtedly, Lewis Hamilton is the most successful F1 winner in history. He won seven times the championship of Formula One all time.

What age did Lewis Hamilton start F1?

Lewis started Formula One racing in 2017, at the age of 22. He became theyoungest racing driver in 2008. He has created history.

How many Grand Slams does Hamilton have?

Lewis Hamilton holds the record of the most successful mix-racing driver. He won

103 races and made his position strong in the sports world.

How long is an F1 race?

The Formula One race is approximately 60 minutes long.

Final Thoughts

Lewis Hamilton had a great impact on the Racing industry and his net worth is an evidence of that. As he is multitalented, he became the icon of many people, with his diverse expertise. Hamilton has a different fan base who love him from the core of the heart. Except for a popular racing driver, he is a great human, socialist, musician, and painter. His diverse passion teaches us to become serious about our passion. Lewis Hamilton’s biography paragraph inspires us to pursue our own passion and profession.


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