What are the advantages of Australian media majors?


In recent years, the media major has become a popular application major for studying in Australia. However, some students are still hesitating because they are not sure how the Australian media major is. So is the media major in Australia good or not? Below we will introduce the advantages of Australian media majors, and help students who are preparing to apply understand the situation of Australian media majors.

Advantages of Australian media majors

Australia’s media courses have strong characteristics of cultural exchanges between Asia and the West, and are one of the most popular majors in Australian university courses. As far as the curriculum is concerned, the Australian media curriculum is very detailed and the threshold is relatively high. Therefore, senior professionals who graduated from well-known Australian universities are favored by countries all over the world.

With the promotion of PSW visa, “study abroad in Australia” and “immigrate to Australia” are effectively distinguished, which also gives students of non-immigrant majors such as media the opportunity to stay in Australia for 2-4 years after graduation. At the same time, from the perspective of employment rate, the average starting salary of Australian media graduates is A$53,526. There are a total of 29,000 students majoring in media in Australia, including 4,331 graduate students and more than 6,100 international students (including nearly 1,200 graduate students). After graduation, 23% of Australian media students will enter the public sector, such as radio and television stations; 52% will enter private enterprises, such as large media production companies, and 15% of students will choose to work overseas.

Recommended by Australian media universities

To get more media courses in Australia, you can search via Course Finder. Here, we will introduce the media courses provided by some top Australian media universities.

  1. Media major at the University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is one of the eight famous universities in Australia. The school offers a wide range of media courses, from advertising to news, Internet, TV, radio, electronics, digital, etc., and is excellent in news, TV, radio, electronics, and digital. Among them, the course of the Master of Communication is highly practical, allowing students to acquire theoretical knowledge and have better practical experience at the same time, which is very conducive to future employment. Students without relevant media background can also apply for this major.

  1. Media major at Monash University

The advertising media major is one of Monash University’s strong majors. The curriculum is professionally oriented and uses international skills to train professionals in mass media, public relations and corporate communications.

  1. Media major at University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales offers a wide range of media courses, ranging from Bachelor of Design, Master of Design to Master of Public Relations and Advertising, Master of Journalism and Communication. Moreover, there are many top advertising companies in New South Wales, which can provide more internship and employment opportunities for UNSW students.

The Australian media major has always been a popular direction for studying abroad in recent years. But for those who plan to apply for the Australian media major, it is necessary to know the advantages of the Australian media major before choosing a course, or they might make the wrong choice.


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