Sergey Tokarev: AI is not a competitor, but a powerful tool


The year 2023 has become iconic for the IT industry. The emergence of artificial intelligence technologies has been the main discussion throughout the world. ChatGPT has raised admiration and worries at the same time because some specialists became scared of losing their jobs. But people should accept this breakthrough as a new opportunity to excel in their areas. Sergey Tokarev, Roosh co-founder, and SET University founder, comments on the benefits of using AI.

Although ChatGPT was launched in the fall of 2022, its functionality became available to Ukraine in February. The chatbox has limits in performance only in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia. Since its release, people around the world could test it. Yet many questions remain open. For example, will AI replace some experts? What tasks are the most appropriate for implementing AI, and how to do it efficiently? If the chatbox harms a person, who will be responsible for it? Sergey Tokarev has always been promoting machine learning and artificial intelligence in Ukraine for many years, but nobody could ever imagine it would progress so fast.

Artificial vs. Human Intelligence?

According to the rumors of AI’s potential to replace a number of professions, Sergey Tokarev simplifies the fears. The investor notes that it is a complement to human intelligence. People should not be afraid of AI and not accept it as a competitor, but instead use it as a powerful instrument to conquer heights.

Another fact promoting AI usage is the amount of data increasing constantly. Humans are not able to keep all information in their heads, and ChatGPT comes as a helpful instrument to present all information needed. In such a way, people can handle their tasks faster as AI processes and systemizes data in seconds.

“First of all, of course, you need to define the process to which you want to apply artificial intelligence. When you already understand what you want from it, the most important thing is to comprehensively formulate a prompt, that is, to describe the idea of AI-generated text, image, or code,” explains Sergey Tokarev.

What can AI do?

ChatGPT can do many things, especially after the last update. Sergey Tokarev exemplifies areas where AI can be the most useful and unvaluable tool in speeding the working flow. The first sphere is the search. AI can bring up a thorough and accurate search of products or services. But the quality of prompts matters a lot.

Another area where AI can be used is customer support. It learns quickly and can produce answers about a service or product immediately. Moreover, it can voice its answers. So, it will be difficult to differentiate whether you talk to a human or a well-trained AI.

Assistant is another place where AI can be a perfect match. It can help you cope with a massive flow of emails, calls, and other information that needs to be processed as quickly as possible. But such a service should be done professionally. That is why you can teach AI to work on your behalf while you personally can devote more time to organizational stuff.


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