Springtime Requires Pest Prevention

Springtime Requires Pest Prevention

The snow melted a long time ago, as have cold memories of the previous winter. We have visions of BBQ cookouts with friends in the summer warmth firmly in mind. 

We deserve such fun, as the Canadian weather isn’t always so hospitable. However, before you invite over family and friends, make sure your home is pest-free. Please read on for some helpful tips outlining how professional pest control experts can keep your home ready for springtime. 

Chemicals That Work

If you buy anti-pest spray from the local hardware or convenience store, you won’t get rid of the infestation. You might kill a handful of pests, but some will always survive. Then, they’ll procreate, and you’ll be back where you started. 

If you hire experts like GreenLeaf Pest Control, they’ll use custom sprays you can’t find anywhere else that get the job done. Professional pest control technicians know what ingredients kill each species, and their blends leverage this knowledge. 

Don’t waste time and money buying inferior products that only offer half-solutions. Make sure the job gets done correctly off the bat, so you don’t need to draw your breath and hope you don’t see a cockroach under the sink or when you open that kitchen cupboard.

Health Canada-Approved

The pest control sprays you use must be merciless against pests and nice to pets and the environment. Look for a pest control expert whose custom blends use only ingredients approved by Health Canada.

You don’t want harsh chemicals that cause environmental damage downstream or pose risks to your four-legged friends at home. Feel confident that your pest problem is over and that the chemicals aren’t causing problems elsewhere. 

Proactive Prevention

There are things people can do to minimize the chance of getting pests in their homes, like cleaning their kitchens and regularly disposing of garbage. However, there’s always a chance that a pest can get inside.

The best thing you can do to keep them out is get proactive pest control from a professional. Leading pest control services offer Home Protection Plans, a multi-phase and comprehensive approach to the problem.

First, a technician will inspect your property for pests and pest attractants indoors and outdoors. Then, they’ll remove what they find. After that, they’ll issue a preventative treatment to discourage pests from entering the premises.

Finally, they’ll return multiple times to monitor the situation and ensure the treatment works. The process may vary a bit depending on the nature of the pests involved, but the underlying approach is the same. 

The only thing better than uprooting an existing infestation is preventing one from occurring. If you want to entertain this spring without fearing a guest may notice a creepy crawly, get proactive pest control today. 

Pests are gross to look at, and they transmit illnesses and diseases. Nothing can ruin a lovely time with friends quicker than seeing one of those icky creatures crawling around an otherwise clean home. Get a professional pest control expert who can deliver on all the above, and your home will be ready to host some epic spring parties and get-togethers. 


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