The Benefits of Using a Cigar Humidor


A cigar humidor refers to a container or storage box that is specifically designed as a way to effectively store cigars at a humidity level that maintains the cigar’s ideal freshness and desired. This essential accessory, which was first developed by Pierre Louis Guillaume in the 1850s in Havana, can now be bought in a traditional cigar-specialty store, or for a more extensive selection of the latest, cutting-edge options, you can purchase cigar humidors online as well.

Most cigar humidors are crafted from wood or metal but typically are manufactured with an airtight seal (for obvious reasons) and enhanced ventilation to encourage air circulation. Many of these storage cabinets include an instrument known as a hygrometer – a device that detects/controls the moisture content or humidity in the air of the controlled space. A hygrometer in a cigar cabinet is a tool that can be used to ensure a confined-defined environment maintains an optimal humidity level.

What is the Optimal Humidity Level for Storing Cigars?

The ideal humidity level – in a controlled environment, for storing cigars is between 65 – 75%. By keeping the humidity consistent, the cigars preserve their desired and original aroma, flavor, and texture. Essentially, cigar humidors allow cigars to age gracefully and, in doing so, create the best taste when smoked – even if it has been some amount of time between the time it is made and the time it is smoked.

A cigar cabinet or humidor is typically lined with Spanish Cedar, as this type of wood helps in the regulation of humidity due to its natural ability to absorb moisture. This type of wood lining will also –

  • Enhance the cigar’s flavor without imparting its own unwanted flavor to the cigar.
  • Resist insects.

Available Cigar Humidor Options

Cigar humidors are designed as small as a travel size or a large cabinet that has the potential to store hundreds of cigars at a time – and pretty much every size in between. They are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and styles that range from simple and traditional wood boxes to more cutting-edge modern glass and metal containers.

The Benefits of Using a Cigar Humidor

The benefits of storing cigars in a humidor or cabinet include the following –

Temperature Control

Proper temperature is essential if one is to properly store a cigar as it ages. Cigar cabinets are typically equipped with the ability to control – and keep consistent – the temperature within the cabinet. The typical temperature range for cigars is 65-72°F, which translates to 18-22°C.

Humidity Control

Cigar cabinets are also designed with internal systems that help to maintain the ideal level of humidity (65% to 75%) within a controlled cigar humidor environment. As noted above, consistently storing cigars at the proper humidity level is vital in the preservation of the cigar’s –

  • Flavor
  • Aroma
  • Texture


Cigar lovers often prefer to age their cigars in a specialty cigar cabinet as many believe this helps to enhance the cigar’s flavor, taste, complexity, and aroma – as a function of time.


A cigar cabinet offers great protection from external things that may damage the cigar. They may include heat, light, and the humidity levels of where the cigar is stored.


A cigar cabinet is designed to offer a convenient way to organize, display and store their favorite cigars.

Cigar Humidors/Cabinets – The Takeaway

For those who love and understand the art of cigars, a humidor is recognized to be an essential accessory. This is because a cigar cabinet is a simple and effective way to maintain the quality and freshness of cigars over time. For those who prefer expensive cigars, the reality is that it protects your investment while preserving the quality of the cigar when smoked.


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