How to determine the best hair color for yourself?


The color of your hair can make or break your look while enjoying your time in Miami. Whether you prefer a more natural hair color or a bolder, more vibrant hair color, there are many things you can take into account when choosing what color to dye your hair.

Some hair colors can clash with your features. This can cause you to appear washed out, rather than enhancing your other natural features. The perfect color for you will work with your other features and make your face and eyes pop.

Assess Your Skin Tone

It’s important to understand why your skin tone matters when choosing a new hair color for yourself. Certain hair colors can complement or clash with different skin tones. In fact, the right hair color can enhance your natural features and create a harmonious overall look.

By considering your skin tone when selecting a hair color, you should select a color that complements your complexion and brings out your best features. To do this, select a color that harmonizes with your skin tone to create a flattering and balanced appearance.

Some people are not warm-toned or cool-toned but are instead neutral-toned – and can look great in any hair color. Danny Jelaca provides impeccable haircuts and color as a local hair salon Miami residents can count on for high-end luxury services.

If you are warm-toned:

  • Select browns, reds, auburn, and golden blondes with warm, rich, golden, or red undertones. Avoid blues, violets, and ash-based colors.

If you are cool toned:

  • Select blacks, browns, blondes, and even whites with cool, ash undertones. Avoid gold, yellow, red, and bronze tones. 

Are you warm-toned?

People who are warm toned have yellow undertones and generally tan more easily rather than burning. Those who are warm toned look best in earth toned colors such as browns, yellows, oranges, and creams. Gold jewelry looks best on warm toned skin.

If you are warm-toned:

  • The veins on the inside of your arm will be green in color.
  • You have naturally dark eyes such as brown, black, or hazel; your natural hair is black, brown, blonde, red, or strawberry blonde.
  • Your skin appears golden when next to something pure white.
  • The colors yellow and red are flattering to your facial features.

Are you cool-toned?

People who are cool toned have pink or bluish-red undertones. Typically, cool toned people have trouble tanning and will instead burn more easily. If your best colors are blue, red, and purple, you are more likely cool-toned. Silver jewelry looks the best on cool toned skin.

If you are cool toned:

  • The veins on the inside of your arm will be blue in color.
  • You have naturally light eyes such as blue, green, or gray; your natural hair is blonde, black, or brown. 
  • Your skin appears bluish when next to something pure white.
  • The colors blue, silver, and green are flattering to your facial features.


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