Spring Cleaning and Moving: How to Prepare for a Smooth Move in Canada


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Moving should start with planning and preparation. Skipping these steps can confuse your workflow and negatively impact your change of residence. It is important to understand in detail all the features of quality preparation for moving to Calgary in order to make the moving process as comfortable and fast as possible by using the services of professional moving company in Calgary. How is the preparation for moving? In most cases, a person’s morale depends on the level of transport readiness. Therefore, pack furniture and household appliances in advance, collect all things, and clothes, and pack dishes. When all the items that need to be moved are ready to be moved, you will not have any problems. What else can be done? If you did a preliminary inspection and found something extra in your apartment, you can get rid of it as follows:

  • Throw these things in the trash;
  • Send junk to your friends and acquaintances;
  • Sell unnecessary things on the bulletin board;
  • Donate unwanted items to charities and foundations.

What packing material do I need to move to Alberta?

It is important to have a checklist of packing materials you will need during your move:

  • Box;
  • Bags and packages;
  • Cardboard;
  • Packaging film;
  • Scotch tape is ordinary.

Furniture sometimes needs to be disassembled during the move. If the furniture does not fit in the door, it must be partially or completely dismantled. Cabinet furniture must be completely disassembled. For upholstered furniture, the back and sides must be removed, the middle part must not touch the deformed mechanism. But even when the furniture has left the room, it still needs to be prepared for moving. Remove handles and locks (to prevent damage to other furniture during the move). Remove the legs and wheels to avoid unpleasant scratches during transport. Remove any fragile glass and mirror objects without damaging them. If you have a large and heavy door, remove it to avoid breaking other things. Remove the shelves to prevent them from falling and causing damage.

How to prepare furniture for transportation during the move in Canada?

The best way to pack furniture for shipping is to wrap it in cardboard and tape everything together. Glazed elements of furniture and mirrors must be securely fixed in the truck. If the glass element is in a frame, attach it diagonally to this frame so that it does not vibrate during movement and is not visible. Then wrap it in film and cardboard. Wrap furniture in bubble wrap to prevent scratches. It is best to pack household electronics in boxes made of foam blocks. However, if there is no such box, then the device should be wrapped in film. All loose parts must be removed from the devices before packing.

How to properly plan a smooth move?

First, you need to answer the question of how long the move will take. One day is perfect for moving. On this day, you should go on vacation so you don’t have to worry that you will be late or forget something and entrust the entire moving process to experienced specialists from a moving company in Calgary. When moving from your apartment to another in Canada, you should take care of the documents. If you are moving, you will need to take steps such as notifying the relevant authorities, connecting to the internet, and signing a contract with your gas/electricity company. But moving to a rented apartment is different. Documentation problems are significantly reduced here.

What do you take with you to a new house or apartment?

Most answer that they take everything, which is a big mistake. Proper cleaning is part of preparing to move to Canada. It is worth studying everything in advance and analyzing what you will still need, what to use and what to give as a gift, and what to throw away.This reduces the number of things you will need to move to a new apartment or house. Are you ready to act? First of all, you need to pay attention to boxes of different sizes. Duct tape, protective film, a large bag and any container such as a box to carry your belongings will also help to pack everything and transport it safely to your new place of residence. The order in which the appropriate box is transported is of primary importance and largely depends on individual needs.

Moving – how is the packing of personal belongings?

You can’t wait until the last moment when moving to one of the Canadian cities. You need to think carefully about packing your personal belongings so that you don’t have a hard time searching for things in a new apartment in a new Canadian city. Therefore, it is not worth putting items from different “categories” in one box. When packing, it is necessary to follow the selected scheme. When packing boxes, you should keep things separate. Put dishes in one box, and clothes in another. Each box should be properly labeled so that it can be easily found later. Some items also require additional packaging before packing. This applies to glass and other objects that break. Perhaps it is better to wrap such things in a safety film, which reliably protects the items from damage and destruction. Packing small things that we usually take with us also causes a lot of worries. Before packing them into a large box, consider a plastic container for packing.

How to properly pack dishes and glasses when moving?

The rules for packing dishes and glasses during transportation are as follows:

Cups and glasses. Each product must be wrapped in bubble wrap or cardboard and placed carefully in a box.

Plates Wrap each plate in bubble wrap or cardboard. Place them in a separate box.

Spoons and forks. Form a small cardboard bag and wrap each spoon and fork in cling film, then place them in the pre-formed cardboard bag.

Pots and pans. No need to wrap them, just put these items in a box or bag.

Put heavy and bulky objects on the bottom, and light ones on top. Leave a minimum of free space in the box, but do not overload it. The weight of a full box should not exceed 15 kilograms. Before assembly, the bottom of the box must be strengthened by repeated gluing.

How to fold clothes when moving in Canada?

Are you ready to move into a new home or apartment located in Calgary? For the move to be carried out quickly and easily, careful preliminary preparation is necessary. Instructions for preparing for moving into an apartment:

Prepare a new place of residence.

Create a list of goods and items you need for your move.

Get rid of what you don’t need.

Prepare the necessary packing material.

Pack the furniture and arrange it if necessary for the move.

Take care of packing fragile things.

Pack clothes, dishes, and other items for a successful move.

Order the services of a qualified moving company in Alberta, which will provide experienced professionals and vehicles on the right date and time for a successful move.

Moving on your own is stressful

The human subconscious perceives the conditions of change (from moving) as dangerous. Negative emotions caused by moving to a new place of work or residence are completely normal and natural (sadness, anger, even despair). You should not refuse them. For the move to go smoothly, it is better to plan everything so that there is enough time for everything. It is important to have a proven plan of action and use the services of a qualified moving company that provides quality moving services in Calgary. Assess your financial capabilities. If there is enough, then it is worth paying not only for moving but also for loading and packing personal belongings – this will add strength, and save your nerves and your precious time. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and acquaintances for help when moving to Alberta. They can help you, for example, with transporting a heavy refrigerator or washing machine. Put the objects in the box. Do not use plastic bags (or at least in limited quantities) and ordinary tape (now you can buy cardboard), it’s time to check everything and get rid of excess (you can donate unnecessary things to charity or give them to someone from your friends or acquaintances). Place the box with the packed items. Contact the moving company in advance and clarify all the conditions.


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