Sell Your Old Motorcycle Fast: Tips and Tricks


Every motorcycle owner understands the freedom and joy a motorcycle provides. However, there comes a time when they must sell the motorcycle. Often, the reason for selling is to purchase a newer bike. That means selling the bike fast and for the best price possible is of the utmost importance. These tips and tricks should assist with that process.

Preparing the Bike for Sale

When you need to sell your old motorcycle, there are a few things every owner should do first. Checking the bike to ensure it is mechanically sound is a good idea for a quick and profitable sale. Start the bike and give it a test run to make sure everything works as it should. It may even be a good time to have a mechanic look over the bike for problems.

A lot of buyers prefer to purchase a bike that is free of any personalization or aftermarket equipment. Now is a good time to remove these added pieces. The original stock parts should be replaced on the bike. Owners may even provide the stock parts for an additional price if the buyer wishes to do so. 

Take Sales Photos

Although stock photos of a similar bike are very appealing in a sales advertisement, many buyers will be hesitant to purchase without an actual picture of the motorcycle for sale. When taking a picture of the bike, make sure it look as nice as possible to attract potential buyers. Before the photo shoot, thoroughly clean and detail the motorcycle. A dirty, greasy bike is less appealing to buyers.

Once the bike is clean, find an area that is well-lit and free of clutter for the photo. No one wants to see a messy or cluttered garage when looking at motorcycles. The pictures do not need to be of professional quality. However, getting the best shot possible is a good idea. Finding some photography tips online could help get the right shot.

Getting the Right Price

Owners should also know what their bike is worth. If the price is too low, then owners lose out on profits. However, if the price is too high, they may not sell the bike. Understanding the true value of the bike and the right price to sell the bike will ensure a fast and equitable sale. There are various websites available that can offer market value ranges for almost any motorcycle.

Bike owners can provide some basic information about the motorcycle. The website will offer a value range that is typical for that model. Owners must be honest when providing this information, as it requires an accurate description of the bike’s condition to determine a proper market value. Claiming excellent condition for a higher value when the bike is clearly in poor or fair condition will only diminish the chances of a sale.

Listing the Motorcycle

The next step is to list the motorcycle. Many people choose to sell their items in public marketplaces online. These websites tend to get a lot of traffic. The more viewers of the listing will often equate to more people interested in the bike. However, most of these interested parties will simply be tire kickers. This process could prolong the sale of the bike and cause frustration for the owner.

It may be a good idea to consider listing a bike on websites dedicated to motorcycle owners. The individuals who frequent these sites are already familiar with the intricacies of motorcycle ownership. Bike owners will receive more quality views on their advertisements. Quality viewers are more likely to make a purchase.


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