Prescription Sunglasses vs. Contact Lenses: Which is Better?


Sunglasses and contact lenses protect your eyes. Both are useful for you to continue your tasks and finish what you have started. Work will always require a clear vision for a completely accomplished job.

Protect your eyes with great options to help you with your routine and everyday life. Understanding that your eyes need attention to keep them healthy and safe from damage is better. 

The UV rays can damage your eyes without proper prevention and care. You should understand what your eye needs to choose which is better.

You can wear prescription sunglasses or have both prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. However, you should choose one to have as your main eyewear. One can be enough for your eyes, and your choice should have better protection. 

Choosing Between Prescription Sunglasses and Contact Lenses

Deciding which is better between prescription sunglasses and contact lenses depends on your preference.

You should always consider things that will make you feel comfortable and convenient. Both prescription sunglasses and contact lenses have one goal: protecting your eyes. 

Consider the following for a better decision, depending on your lifestyle and preferences:

  • Eye Health

Your eye health should be the first thing you think about.

If you have an eye grade that needs to be corrected or was prescribed by your doctor, you should consider contact lenses. 

For example, investing in and choosing contact lenses is better if you have a high eye grade, resulting in a thick lens. Your contact lenses can provide better peripheral vision.

When choosing the best prescription sunglasses, you should also consider your eye health. Prescribed sunglasses prevent eye problems caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. It is also advisable for you to choose this if you have any underlying eye problems. 

  • Work Environment

Contact lenses are better for jobs requiring physical activity, client meetings, and indoor work, like in offices. Wearing contact lenses will give you the freedom to move with better peripheral vision. 

However, if your work environment involves fieldwork and you spend much time outdoors, prescription sunglasses are for you. It is the better option for you to prevent fatigue and strain caused by UV and bright light. 

  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle is also something to consider when choosing between prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. 

If you have an active lifestyle, it is better to choose contact lenses since you can move with freedom. Contact lenses won’t get away with or during your physical activity. It also doesn’t change your appearance and can give you convenience. 

On the other hand, prescription sunglasses may be a preferable alternative for people who spend a lot of time outside because they protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Prescription sunglasses are also more comfortable for extended periods, particularly if they are polarized to prevent glare.

  • Convenience

Contact lenses offer greater convenience and freedom of movement. It gives comfort since they do not slide down the nose or slip off the face and do not obstruct peripheral vision. 

However, they necessitate regular cleaning and maintenance, and you must be comfortable inserting and removing them.

Prescription sunglasses can be more pleasant to wear for extended periods, especially if your eyes are sensitive or the lenses are polarized, which lowers glare.

When dealing with the sun’s heat, it is better to wear and choose Rx sunglasses. It will protect your eyes even at work or in your leisure time. Wearing cheap prescription sunglasses can help you prevent damage from the heat. 

  • Budget

Prepare your budget for your eyes. It is better to be prepared and aware that it is for your own good. 

Prescription sunglasses are way more expensive than contact lenses. It has several features you want to include in your sunglasses that will prevent damage to your eyes. 

Here are the features of Rx sunglasses:

  • Lenses: These are designed to correct vision problems. This is an important part of your prescribed sunglasses.
  • UV Protection: Your prescribed sunglasses have protection against the UV rays from the sun. It can prevent your eyes from being damaged.
  • Tinted lenses: These can improve your eye condition and help you prevent eye strain due to the sun’s bright light.
  • Polarization: Polarized lenses are used in some prescription sunglasses to reduce glare and increase visual comfort in bright settings. Polarized lenses are convenient for driving and boating.

Cool Prescription Sunglasses

If you are a person who works in a field, spends so much time outdoors, and does activities under the sun, it is better for you to choose prescribed sunglasses. 

Prescription sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun’s rays and can help you avoid sunburn or heat exhaustion. It can also help you reduce glare, which is especially important when you’re driving or engaging in outdoor activities.

Contact lenses do not give you physical sun protection, but they can help you in hot and sunny conditions by allowing you to wear ordinary sunglasses for further protection. Some contact lenses are also UV-protected, which can help shield your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.

However, in the summer, your contact lenses have the possibility of becoming dry and uncomfortable. Prescribed sunglasses can be more comfortable for you in the summer weather since they can give you protection from UV rays and the sun’s heat.


Prescribed sunglasses have characteristics that are intended to enable clear vision while protecting your eyes from the sun and improving visual comfort in bright circumstances. Choose what makes you feel comfortable.

Consider your eye health, work environment, lifestyle, convenience, and budget when deciding which is better. There are a lot of factors to consider. However, these are the main factors to look at first.

It is hard to have an eye condition, but it is better to prevent your eyes from having those damages. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. In this way, you can continue your plans and explore more of life with more suitable eyewear.

It is important to seek the advice of your optometrist to identify which characteristics are most suited for your eyesight needs and lifestyle.


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