Why All DIY Home Renovations Need an Onsite Storage Unit in Melbourne


Doing renovation by yourself is such a fun activity! You can pick your own colours, paint with whoever you want, and add cute paintings.

While it is fun doing the renovation, it is not fun when you have to literally cover your whole furniture with plastic bags. Moreover, they seem to always be in the way when you are moving around.

Before your frustration bubbles over, better to get storage units for onsite storing now. That way, your furniture will be paint free and out of the way while you renovate.

So, how does onsite storage work, exactly?

What Is an Onsite Storage Unit?

Onsite storage unit is a shipping container used for personal or commercial storage. So, they are basically the same containers as the ones we’ve seen countless times on the docks (or in movies). 

Onsite storage works quite similarly to self-storage. Both give you more space to store your things temporarily. However, onsite storage gives you unlimited access to your stuff.

Moreover, onsite storage means the storage unit is stored inside your premises! No hassle on the storage unit collection as well, for the company delivers it to your front door.

So, you won’t need to pause your renovating streak to deliver your furniture to a self-storage facility.

Onsite Storage Unit Benefits

So, what are the benefits of an onsite storage unit? Let us list those here;

  • Save Your Time and Money

The unit is delivered to your front door, so you won’t have to worry about renting a truck, driving it to a storage facility, and returning the truck. Whew, how much time that would take!

Moreover, the onsite storage unit is up to 50% cheaper than a self-storage facility! It starts from $22.95 per week. So, if your project only takes a week, you just need to pay that much.

  • Give Your Stuff Protection

When you go to storage facilities, you are probably just putting them in the space without much protection. With onsite storage, the container comes with packing papers, bubble wraps, boxes, and furniture blankets.

So, you bet your new paint that your stuff is extra protected!

  • No Dust, Mould, and Dampness

The storage containers will be made of quality steel that can withstand the fickle Melbourne weather, pouring rain, dust, and vermin. So, if you have no enclosed space, the container can just stay in the open without any damage to your things.

  • Access and Rent as Long as You Like

Storage companies have countless storage containers. They won’t run out of them. Therefore, if you need them long-term, there will be no problem at all. In fact, you can just pay per week and extend if you need to.

Plus, you get unlimited access. Want to stack and enter the storage unit every hour? Up to you, it is, for as long as you rent it, yours.

How Does This Help My Project?

We have gone through the benefits of the storage unit. Now, we will tell you how helpful they are for renovation. Having a storage unit that is accessible at all times and delivered to you helps you heaps. 

  • You can easily load your furniture inside the unit without breaking your back. The unit will be put on the ground, so you can just put your things on a trolley and roll them away!
  • No need to store all your things at once. You can gradually load it, at your own pace. If you are renovating your whole house, you can just load the things based on what room is currently being renovated.
  • You’ll get complementary shock-absorbent furniture protections, as stated in the previous section. So if you bump your furniture around, they won’t get damaged.
  • Even after you store the furniture, you can still get them out again to help you position and imagine the overall look of your room. 
  • You won’t have to sign a binding contract. If you need more time to add some flourishes here and there, you can phone the company and extend the storage unit rent.

See how convenient it is? Surely that will fuel your renovating spirit!

Key Takeaways

Renovating is fun, and you must enjoy it! So, don’t let pesky tasks like storing your things dampen your DIY spirits. With onsite storage, you can store all your furniture while you are adding flourishes to your home.

Not only is it accessible at all times, it is also delivered to your front door. Easy peasy. Then, you can rent it for as long as you want, until your house is ready. Plus, it can give optimal protection for your stuff.

Imagine how easy your renovation would be? Well, stop imagining and get one ASAP!


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