Taming The Monster: How Cannabis Provides Relief For Multiple Sclerosis Patients


Living with multiple sclerosis can be a terrifying monster to deal with. Coping with paralysis, pain and cognitive decline can seem impossible for many MS patients who feel as if their lives are out of control. 

However, studies have shown that cannabis not only helps reduce symptoms related to MS, but it may provide long-term benefits over regular prescription medications regarding both effectiveness and side effects.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about why cannabis has been proven to be a great potential tool for MS patients.

The Science Behind Cannabis Treatment Of MS Symptoms

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. 

Patients may experience a wide range of symptoms, including muscle spasms, pain, cognitive decline, impaired balance, vision problems, and difficulty with bladder control.

The scientific research behind cannabis treatment of MS symptoms is vast. 

Studies have shown that cannabis can help reduce inflammation, improve spasticity, and even reduce pain related to chronic nerve damage, such as those found in MS patients. It is also believed to be effective as an anti-convulsant and anti-nausea drug. 

Additionally, some studies suggest that cannabis can help improve cognitive function in MS patients. Because of these potential benefits, cannabis is widely used by MS patients to help manage their symptoms.

Risk Factors To Consider Before Using Cannabis For MS Symptoms Relief

Despite the potential benefits of cannabis for MS patients, there are also risks associated with its use. Here are some of the risk factors to consider before beginning a cannabis treatment regimen for MS symptoms:

  • Cannabis use can cause impairment, so it is important to ensure that any activities done while under the influence (driving, operating machinery, etc.) are conducted carefully and cautiously.
  • It is important to know potential drug interactions when using cannabis with other medications.
  • Regular and long-term use can lead to addiction, so it is important to keep track of how often you use it and for how long.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant women as it can hurt the fetus.

Pro Tip: To avoid these risks, it is important to consult with a physician who specializes in cannabis treatment before beginning any kind of treatment regimen.

How To Use Cannabis Safely And Responsibly For MS Patients

For MS patients looking to use cannabis to relieve their symptoms, certain precautions must be taken to ensure the safest and most effective outcome. Here’s a quick guide on how to use cannabis safely and responsibly:

  • Only purchase medical-grade cannabis products from a reliable source.
  • Follow the instructions provided by your doctor and/or pharmacist when using cannabis.
  • Use it in a safe place, such as at home or with close friends.
  • Be aware of your limits and take regular breaks from cannabis use.
  • Use caution when combining cannabis with other medications to avoid any potential drug interactions.
  • Store cannabis responsibly to avoid accidental ingestion or misuse by children or pets.
  • Be aware of the potential side effects, including dizziness, dry mouth, and anxiety.

Finding A Reliable Source For Medical-Grade Cannabis Products

Medical-grade cannabis products are essential for MS patients who want to reap the potential benefits of cannabis without putting themselves at risk. But finding a reliable source for these products can be difficult.

When looking for a reliable source, here are some tips:

  • Look for a source that offers lab-tested, medical-grade cannabis products.
  • Make sure they have an established reputation in the cannabis industry.
  • Speak to their customer service team to better understand the quality and safety standards they adhere to when producing their products.
  • Check online reviews from other customers to see how their products have been received.
  • Check if the source offers a money-back guarantee or other satisfaction policies if you are unsatisfied with their products.

Pro Tip: Read up on the legal regulations to ensure your chosen source is compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Get Access To Medicinal-Grade Cannabis Products?

Yes, medicinal-grade cannabis products are available for MS patients who need them. The best way to access these products is through a physician specializing in cannabis treatment.

They can provide the necessary information and advice on finding a reliable source for medicinal-grade cannabis products.

What Is The Best Type Of Cannabis To Use For MS Symptoms Relief?

The best type of cannabis for MS symptom relief will depend on the individual and their specific needs. 

It is important to consult with a physician who specializes in cannabis treatment before beginning any kind of treatment regimen.


Overall, many studies have linked the use of cannabis to several potential benefits for those with MS. However, it is important to consider the risks associated with its use, including impairment and addiction. It is imperative to get cannabis products from quality sources like Mission Organic dispensaries.

For this reason, any cannabis treatment must be done responsibly and with caution. So, find a reliable source for medicinal-grade cannabis products and ask your doctor or pharmacist if cannabis could be an appropriate treatment option.


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