Types of Body Kits and How They Customise Your BMW


Are you somebody that loves to tinker with their vehicle and enjoy modifications? When you have a BMW, you have the crème de la crème of sporty cars. You know that performance is already in the bag. But, there are still ways you can customise your vehicle and make it stand out on the road. We are talking about buying a body kit.

There are a variety of cool body kits you can get for your BMW, no matter what model you have. But, before you splash the cash, you want to learn about the different types of body kits and what is included. Then, you envisage how they are going to transform your car. Let’s take a look at some of the popular body kits you can get.

What BMW Body Kits Are Available?

When we talk about a body kit, this often includes a front and rear bumper, as well as side skirts for each side of your vehicle. There are some extensive kits that will also boast spoilers, exhaust tips and wing mirrors. You have to shop around and see what kits you can get. Here are some tips you can expect to see.

Lip Kits

First, you can find lip kits for your BMW. This often includes a front and rear bumper lip, which can make your vehicle sportier or even more aggressive. This type of kit can also include side skirts to complement the style. Often, carbon fibre is a favourite when it comes to lip kits, and people love it on their BMWs. It is possible to install a lip kit by yourself.

Full Body Kits

If you are looking to totally transform the appearance of your BMW, consider getting a full body kit. Indeed, your car can take on a whole new personality, changing everything from the side skirts and spoiler to the front and rear bumper. For instance, BMW custom exterior body kits are available from Kezr Automotive. They have some of the best aftermarket brands on offer, allowing you to adopt a new style on the road.

Wide-Body Kits

Do you want to have more presence when you are on the road? Then, you might want to consider a wide-body kit. Just as the name suggests, this is a type of kit that is designed to widen your BMW. For example, this can include fender flares and side skirts. It can even include a cool spoiler.

What are the Benefits of a Body Kit?

Most people choose to customise with a body kit because it transforms how your vehicle looks. Indeed, this is a fantastic reason to get one. But, there are many advantages to going down this route with your modifications. So, let’s take a look.

Modernise Older Vehicle

If you have had your BMW for a number of years, you might start to think that the styling is getting old. Indeed, there are always new models being released and updated. So, you can quickly feel like your vehicle is outdated when it comes to design.

Know that you do not have to spend a fortune on a new vehicle. In fact, there are plenty of modifications and cosmetic changes you can make to your car to make it feel like new. In particular, you can add a body kit. This can totally transform its style and modernise your ride without spending on a new car.

Improve Aerodynamics

Another benefit of adding a body kit to your BMW is improving aerodynamics. It can mean there is less resistance and drag when you are driving, which can allow you to enjoy a good speed and use less fuel to get there. So, it is not something that just looks cool. A body kit can also be a practical addition to your vehicle.

We all know that paying for fuel when it comes to a BMW can be expensive. This is particularly true if you are travelling many miles each week and depending on how you drive your car. So, you might be interested in looking into getting a body kit that can help with aerodynamics. 

Differentiate from Standard

We do not have to tell you that BMWs are fantastic cars. After all, that is why you have one. But, sometimes, you can feel like you blend into the crowd around other BMWs. This can be on the road or if you like to go to local car meets. 

This can all change with a body kit. You can move away from the standard style that everybody has and enjoy a sportier or more aggressive styling. This will make your car different and allow you to feel great about your ride. Plus, you are definitely going to have something to talk about with other car enthusiasts.


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