Explanation | How does China’s virtual currency function?


Governments all around the world are trying their hands to come up with their digital currency. Since citizens are interested in using digital and decentralized currencies, governments are trying their best. But the forerunner in the creation of digital currency is China. This communist nation has come up with its national digital currency, the digital Yuan. We will understand the digital Yuan and how it functions through the article. Furthermore, we plan to gain knowledge about the digital Yuan’s benefits. If you are planning to invest in digital yuan, here are the best ways to purchase digital yuan today.

About digital Yuan

China is one of the first nations to develop a digital currency. The Chinese government has been carrying out R&D for a long duration. It identified the benefits of digital currency way back in 2014. The country has the best-mover advantage. Digital Yuan, or e-CNY, was launched in April 2022 during the winter Olympics. The global pandemic slowed down the pace of development of the digital Yuan, but China was quick enough to come back. Several technologies and financial obstacles came in between the development of the digital Yuan. Finally, China became the first country to endorse its digital currency. 

Looking at the advancement made by China, many other countries are also joining the league. Let us understand how digital Yuan works and the technology behind its working. The Governor of the Chinese central bank has asked people to get details about the working of digital Yuan before using it. Many people believe that the digital Yuan is just like another cryptocurrency. But, the statement is partially true. Although blockchain works behind the digital Yuan, China uses private blockchain.

The working of digital Yuan

China uses private blockchain or permissioned blockchain for digital Yuan. These blockchains are created in such a way that they are in a close network. Only the permission or accessible nodes can participate in the work. Thus, one of the biggest differentiators of digital Yuan is that they have a private blockchain. Even the most developed nations and agencies like the European Union and Russia are in a nascent stage of developing private blockchains. 

Works on a private blockchain model

One of the biggest highlights of the digital Yuan is that it works on a private blockchain model. China’s central bank has used this model to keep its users’ financial information private. China has specially developed a Blockchain Service Network (BSN) as its private blockchain network. Their developers and participating organizations will develop digital assets at this network. 

Working on third-party application

In practice, for most cryptocurrencies, the working of all third-party apps on the Blockchain Service Network is decentralized. But in the digital Yuan case, the decentralization element could be more questionable. The sole reason for this is the Chinese government’s control over BSN. However, per a few reports, the international version of the BSN will offer users the desired profits of decentralization. 

Uniform model

Another functionality of the digital Yuan is that it adopts a uniform model for development. It is interesting to know that many countries and organizations follow the same global-blockchain infrastructure approach. For example, many portals like NEO, Ethereum, and Solana use the global-chain infrastructure like the Chinese digital Yuan. 


In addition to concerns related to decentralization, an essential feature of the digital Yuan is the lack of anonymity. Unlike other digital currencies, the BSN has 100% access to knowledge about users and transactions. Since the digital Yuan has the backing of the Chinese government, they lack anonymity. But it offers an advantage to the central bank as they won’t have to deal with anonymous clients.


Since China came up with the idea of having its digital currency, a buzz has been created. The arrival of the digital Yuan has several advantages for Chinese people. Since China’s central bank is backing the digital Yuan, people can be assured about the benefits of currency. Digital Yuan offers multiple benefits, like quick financial transactions and proper efficiency. In addition, the digital Yuan will also open avenues for many users to get financial services. It will be fruitful for the long-duration financial planning of China’s cashless society. 


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