Where Can I Watch Kung Fu Panda

Where Can I Watch Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is one of the most entertaining animated movies ever made. Po, the Legendary Dragon Warrior, is one of the most memorable characters. Most of us must have already seen this movie. This 2008 martial arts comedy film is visually stunning with its bizarre yet enticing fight scenes and beautiful cinematography. Haven’t watched the movie yet or want to rewatch the movie? Wondering where I can watch Kung Fu Panda these days. Then you have come to the right place.

In 2023, you can watch Kung Fu Panda steaming on HBO Max, HBO Max Amazon Channel, and DIRECTV. You can also stream the movie by purchasing or renting it from digital platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, AMC On Demand, Youtube, DIRECTV, and iTunes. The DVD and Blu-rays of the movie are available on digital platforms. You can choose any of these options and watch Kung Fu Panda online while sitting at your house.

Streaming Sites To Watch Kung Fu Panda

King Fu Panda is a classic kid’s film that is intriguing for anyone of any age to enjoy. In the movie Po, the big fat and cute panda dreams of becoming a king. Fu master accidentally becomes the legendary Dragon Warrior. He defeats Tai Lung and brings peace back to the village. Jack Black did an excellent job of making Po funny and loveable while not losing the necessary depth in character. Other cast Dustin Hoffman, Randall Dok Kim, Angelina Jolie, and Lan McShane did an incredible job.

Where Can I Watch Kung Fu Panda

However, if you are thinking of watching King Fu Panda these days, then you must be searching for the answer to where to stream King Fu Panda. I understand streaming sites are the first choice for movie lovers like you.

Here are all the streaming services where you can watch the light-hearted animated action film, King Fu Panda:


The first installment of King Fu Panda is streaming on HBO Max. It is an offering of HBO Network, which include all the HBO contents with more popular TVs, hit movies, and epic Max originals. This over-the-top streaming service offers two subscription plans. One is their ad-supported plan which comes free with an HBO subscription. If you have HBO, you can download the HBO Max app and sign up for this platform.

However, without the HBO subscription, the HBO Max add-on plan costs $9.99 monthly. If you don’t like the commercial interruptions while streaming, then you can go for their ad-free package. It costs $15.99 monthly and $149.99 yearly.

HBO Max Amazon Channel

If you are an Amazon subscriber, you add the HBO Max channel and watch the fantastic movie Kung Fu Panda there. Here is how to add HBO Max to your Amazon Prime account:

  • First, log in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Now click the “Channels” tab from the top navigation bar.
  • Here you will find several add-on channels. Some are free, and some are premium. You will find the HBO Max channel at the top.
  • Select it and complete the sign-up process. If you are a new HBO-Max subscriber, they will offer a free trial.
  • Once you have sign-up, search King Fu Panda 2008 there.
  • Once it appears, click the play button and enjoy watching.


DirecTV is one of the most popular streaming services. Along with thousands of on-demand titles, they offer live TV, sports, news, and much more. They offer three subscription plans Entertainment, Choice, and Ultimate. The monthly subscription costs will vary depending on the number of channels and screens.

Where Can I Watch Kung Fu Panda

If you are already a DIRECTV subscriber, you can watch your all-time favorite film King Fu Panda there. Along with fun and adventure, this film holds a profound message. It made us realize that if we passionately want something or love something, we’ll go to any length to achieve it. Everything in the movie is just over-the-top story, characters, visuals, and cinematography.

If you are not yet a DirecTV subscriber, you can sign-up today for this fantastic streaming service and watch King Fu Panda. DirecTV allows users to save up to five shows. So you can save the film on your watch list and enjoy it anytime you want.

Is King Fu Panda on Netflix?

King Fu Panda is on Netflix in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, and Italy. But unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have permission to show the movie in America. So they are using geo-blocks for this title. But you can use a VPN to unblock geo-restriction.

All you have to do is sign in for a VPN and connect to a server where the movie is available. You can choose the United Kingdom, Canadian, Australian, German, Japanese, France, and Italian servers. Once you get to connect to a server, your IP address will be changed. So, now when you will log in to your Netflix account, Netflix will show you the country’s library you have chosen. After searching there, you can stream King Fu panda with your American Netflix subscription.

Digital Retailers To Buy or Rent Kung Fu Panda

If you are thinking of buying or renting Kung Fu Panda, you will have to head toward digital platforms. Here are all the digital retailers that have Kung Fu Panda in their libraries. I’ve added the purchasing and renting prices as well as streaming quality. Now you won’t have to go to all digital retailer’s websites to know how much they are charging for the film.

  No. Digital Retailers Purchasing Price Renting Price Streaming Quality
1. iTunes $4.99 $3.99 HD, SD
2. Amazon $4.99 $2.99 HD, SD
3. AMC On Demand $11.99 $3.99 HD, SD
4. DIRECTV $12.99 $3.99 HD
5. Redbox $13.99 $3.99 HD, SD
6. Microsoft Store $14.99 $3.99 HD, SD
7. Google Play $14.99 $3.99 HD
8. Youtube $14.99 $3.99 HD
9. Vudu $14.99 $3.99 SD, HD


The movie is not available in 4K quality on any platform. But you can enjoy the film in SD and HD quality.

If you can thinking of buying the movie, then Amazon and iTunes is the best option. You can buy the HD version of Kung Fu Panda for just $4.99 from these two platforms.

However, in the rental option, all the retailers are charging the same, which is $3.99. In rental, digital platforms set a time limit. They will give you 30 days to start watching the movie. Once you hit the play button, you will get 48 hours to finish it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Can I Watch Kung Fu Panda

Is King Fu Panda on Disney Plus?

The Dreams Work Animation film King Fu Panda is not on Disney Plus. But with the Disney Plus subscription, you can enjoy other to-notch animations like Brave, Turning Red, Finding Nemo, Zootopia, Moana, Spark Shorts, and Zenimation.

Was King Fu Panda a Successful Movie?

King Fu Panda 2008 was a box office and commercial success grossing $631 million against its only $130 million production budget. It was the third highest-grossing film of 2008. Again, King Fu Panda won several prestigious awards, including Best Animated Feature, Top Box Office Films, and Best Production Design in an Animated Feature Film. Moreover, it received mostly positive reviews and critics and audiences.


King Fu Panda is considered one of the most popular animated movies. Nowadays, you can watch Kung Fu Panda steaming on HBO Max, HBO Max Amazon Channel, and DIRECTV.

You can also purchase or rent the movie from digital platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, AMC On Demand, Youtube, DIRECTV, and iTunes. The DVD and Blu-rays of the movie are available on these digital platforms.

No matter which option you choose, you will definitely have a great time with the adventure of Dragon Warriors.


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