13 Best TV Shows & Movies to watch on Peacock TV


Having the credits of producing the most huge and incredible comedy shows of all the time including Friends, The Office, and Star Trek, etc. – National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has rightly showcased that they stand for their tagline ‘comedy starts here’. And the launch of a streaming service called Peacock TV by NBC in the summer of 2020 is definitely the most brilliant idea they could have come around with having such awesome shows and connections on their plate. 

Though the streaming service by NBC is relatively new to the market, their exclusive launch with The Office and Saturday Night Live as well as some amazingly put together Peacock Originals have given the platform the right direction from very beginning.

If a huge yet quality catalog of content, quality streaming, and a user-friendly approach is all that you crave for – subscribing to Peacock TV can be your finest decision without doubts. Not sure what could be the best option for guaranteed entertainment? We’ve eased your hassle by putting together a list of 13 best TV shows and movies you can watch on Peacock TV. 

Dive in to burst your curiosity! 

 Poker Face – 

Poker Face is an amalgam of mysteries rightly knit together that can create the finest hook for the audience as they continue to open up throughout the episodes. And who else can direct such a masterpiece other than Rian Johnson? The show features Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) as a detective who travels through America solving mysteries of murder with her strong wit and the power for detecting lies like nobody else might have. Though the murder mystery might sound a little dark to you, the entire show is a depiction of art and creativity. It offers the finest visual outlook – making itself one of the best looking television series of recent times. The cherry on top is the additional cast including Hong Chau, Lil Rel Howery, Adrien Brody and many more! 

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin – 

Bumper Allen’s college group The Treblemakers, which was featured in the iconic Pitch Perfect film series, is still a part of his life ten years later. While not working as a security guard at his prior institution, he gets to use the campus practice spaces with his new group. He packs his possessions and heads to Germany to cooperate with a once disgraced a capella opponent when a video of him singing becomes viral.  Want to know what happens next? Catch the show on Peacock TV now! 

Battlestar Galactica – 

Few shows are as engrossing, binge-worthy, or mind-bending as Battlestar Galactica from 2004. Battlestar Galactica, a recreation of a 1970s classic, opens with a human army fighting against the Cylons, a synthetic species that emerges after decades of no contact to eliminate the humans’ 12 planetary settlements. Battlestar Galactica is a smart, fascinating, and frighteningly realistic science-fiction epic laced with religious symbolism, political critique, and human psychology. 

The Vampire Show – 

The horror genre follows a cyclical pattern every few years. Another vampire frenzy approaches, just as our previous one has been securely staked. Vampire Academy is the second film version of Richelle Mead’s long-running novel series about a school for vampire children (the first was in 2014). Lissa, a royal descendent, goes to St. Vladimir’s School with Rose, her best friend and guardian. The two contend with being a supernatural adolescent in their boarding school, an ancient class system, and violence that threatens to tear them apart. 

Cheers – 

Ted Danson spiced up primetime many decades before stealing the show as a devilishly handsome silver fox on The Good Place as Sam Malone, a former pro baseball player who drank his career away only to find himself the proprietor of a charming neighborhood watering hole where everyone, well, you know. The hilarious banter, guest stars, and famous appearances, as well as Sam’s overall ease with his regulars (Cliff, Norm, and, yes, Frasier and his friends) makes this one of the finest shows. 

Brooklyn – Nine-Nine – 

Yet another haul of entertainment offered at Peacock TV, Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Andy Samberg as a fictional police precinct. Believe it as I say – there hadn’t been any law enforcement show directed and executed in such a light-hearted yet amusing way after The Andy Griffith Show but not anymore. Brooklyn is the finest depiction of law enforcement in a fictional manner and a great competition for anyone planning to enter this niche. Feeling low? Watch out Samberg solve some cases and laugh out loud with the light-hearted comedy the show portrays. 

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Dr. Death – 

A wonderful Peacock original, Dr. Death features Joshua Jackson (Mr. Jodie Turner-Smith playing an intense yet mysterious role while his fellow surgeons and the local authorities tries to stop him from what he does. Season 1 with all the eight episodes is available at the Peacock TV to offer you the greatest binge-watching ride! 

Friday Night Lights – 

If you grew up in a small town, especially one in the South or Texas, you understand the significance of high school football to the community. This is the setting for this sports drama about high school football coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his wife Tami (Connie Britton). The squad lineup evolved throughout the course of five seasons, introducing the globe to a variety of emerging talents. 

Good Times – 

Good Times, one of the most watched comedies of all time, was the first ever showcase of a two-parent Black family in the United States. Good Times is a Maude spin-off (itself was a spinoff of the iconic comedy All in the Family). It follows James (John Amos) and Florida Evans (Esther Rolle) as they struggle to overcome their financial circumstances while living in a Chicago housing project with their three children.

One of Us Is Lying – 

Another program on high-school murder? Please, yes! One of Us Is Lying takes a common teenage soap premise (“high school stinks!”) and amplifies it by imprisoning five people, each of whom embodies a well-known high school cliché. Unlike in The Breakfast Club, when everyone eventually falls in love, just four of these high school students make it out of detention alive. Is it possible that a classmate was murdered on purpose? Was it a mistake? Who among us is telling the truth? The mystery is surprisingly well-crafted and frequently shocking, giving a fascinating juxtaposition to the backdrop of a traditional high-school show.

George Lopez – 

Lopez and his fictitious family are the focus of the comedy, which is a conventional family sitcom with a Hispanic flavor (which was painfully rare in the early 2000s). Another Nick at Night staple, the show ran for six seasons before moving into syndication, and it’s ideal for your work-from-home lunch break or the half-hour before bed. 

Saturday Night Live –

 There isn’t a season that goes by without some wannabe A-lister, from Chevy Chase and John Belushi to Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler to Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. You may watch all 46 seasons at once or go back and forth between your favorite sketches. They’re all waiting for you, and new Season 47 episodes are currently being published on a weekly basis.

How to Watch Peacock TV from Anywhere 

Though Peacock TV is home to a never-ending collection of quality content featuring the most happening sitcoms on top, it is a geo-restricted streaming service available in the US. Only. However, if you want to watch your favorite shows from outside the region, use Peacock VPN to stream your favorite shows. 

Wondering how? Here’s a simplified list of steps to follow! 

  • Get PureVPN 
  • Download the app in your preferred device 
  • Connect to a server based in the US
  • Access Peacock TV and watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere around the globe. 

Conclusion – 

Craving quality content? Peacock TV offers a superb collection of TV shows and movies that can definitely fill your free time with entertainment and laughter. Get PureVPN and enjoy the best content catalog from anywhere around the globe. 


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