5 Ways To Make Your Home More Secure


One of the most devastating events that could happen to any homeowner is being invaded by criminals. About one million burglaries are reported annually in the US, and over USD$7 billion worth of properties are stolen. And these numbers will continue to increase if homeowners won’t take the necessary steps to protect their homes and themselves from intruders.  

The goal of tightening your home’s security is to deter burglars or intruders and make your property a less-likely target. Thus, before you drain all your money and attention to your home’s decoration and aesthetic, you must pay equal attention to setting up your home with security measures. This article will show you five ways and steps to enhance your home’s security and deter intruders.  

1,Invest in a self-defense weapon 

One of the most popular self-defense weapons is the gun. Guns, such as firearms, were not invented to kill. Rather, they’re designed to be used as a self-defense tool in case criminals attack you. As a homeowner, keeping at least one firearm at home will assure you that you can protect yourself and your family in case an intruder attacks and hurts anyone.  

However, ensure you undergo proper training before purchasing a firearm, as your weapon will be useless when you don’t know how to operate or handle it properly. Besides the firearm, you’ll also need to purchase the right ammunition. Since your firearm is for self-defense, it may be best to opt for hollow point rounds as they’re typically more effective in hitting an attacker while ensuring minimum collateral damage.  

More importantly, you must familiarize yourself with the laws in your state regarding gun ownership. Your state’s gun law may specify which type of guns homeowners are only allowed to possess, along with the registration and background checks required before you’re legally allowed to buy a gun. You must also consider getting additional insurance for your firearm so you won’t be burdened with covering the financial costs in case it’s damaged during an invasion or burglary attack. 


2.Enhance your door locks and window locks 

There are only three entry points for intruders to choose from when invading your home: the front or back doors, windows (either from the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom), and the garage door. As reported by statistics, 34% of intruders use the front door, 23% go through the window, and 9% would use the garage as their access point. Enhancing your door and window locks can make it impossible for intruders to invade your home.  

Instead of the traditional doorknob lock, you can replace them with smart door locks. Smart locks are electronic door locks that give you more access control. Even if you’re out of town, you can monitor the people going in and out of your house. Intruders won’t be able to force themselves into your home as they can’t pick into the door locks.  

For your windows, you can invest and place window security films in your glass windows. Window security films are designed to be tear-resistant and fortify your windows to prevent break-ins. You must also install an additional lock other than your window’s existing locks, such as pin locks. You can hire a professional locksmith to help replace or upgrade your door and window locks. 

3.Install a home alarm system 

Installing an alarm system is among the most effective ways to enhance your home’s security. Your home’s alarm system will automatically blare the alarm and contact emergency personnel the moment it detects an attempted break-in. About 60% of burglars are quickly deterred by a blaring home alarm system, prompting them to leave the premise immediately. 

Furthermore, even knowing your house has an alarm system can automatically discourage intruders from attempting to break in. Thus, it’s ideal to display signs around your house, notifying you that a home alarm system surrounds your property. 

4.Brighten up your property 

Most intruders attack at night because it’s dark, and it helps mask their identity. Discourage these intruders from lurking on your property by adding sufficient lighting around the house. Pay close attention to the entry gate, the front and back doors, windows, and walkways. If you want to save on electrical bills, you can opt for motion sensor lights. These lights will only light up when triggered by a person or any unknown presence. 

5.Plant thorny bushes around your property  

You may already have a fence surrounding your property. However, it may not still be enough to deter intruders, especially if they can easily climb it with a ladder. One way to make your fence more secure and intruder-deterrent is planting thorny bushes around your property.  

These bushes can function similarly as anti-climbing spikes, only they look more aesthetically appealing. Some intruders also tend to underestimate thorny bushes and force themselves into your property, causing bruises or minor injuries and unintentionally leaving small blood or skin. If your home alarm system blares off and they run away, you can check from your bushes to see if they left any evidence (e.g., small blood, skin, or torn clothing) and use it to collect DNA. 

Secure your home and make it a tough target  

No one wants their home to be a target of invasion and other property crimes. By implementing these strategies, you can strengthen your home’s security and deter invaders from attempting to loot your home. Identify which tips are more important to you, and plan to add the rest later.  


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