How often do online slots hit the jackpot?


The odds of winning the lottery are slim to none, but this doesn’t have a deterring effect on prospective punters. That is because they know you only need to get lucky once to win a huge amount that will change your life forever. In many regards, the same mentality applies to progressive jackpot games that can be found in many popular online slots.

The allure of winning a life-changing amount drives many players and they are perfectly happy to spin the reels of slots in spite of the crushing odds. How often online slots hit the jackpot is a question on the mind of many players and one that we try to answer in the paragraph below.

Progressive jackpots make millionaires every year

Microgaming and NetEnt are the best-known software developers when it comes to slots with progressive jackpots. They have been around for nearly 3 decades and their best-playing games have made many millionaires at leading online casinos. They are also responsible for record-setting games, with tens of millions of dollars awarded to lucky players from all over the world.

The thing about progressive jackpots is that they are pooled with several casinos, so many players fuel the ever-growing amount. There is no such thing as progressive jackpot slots that are due to heat, as this is just a common misconception against players. However, the fact that the game hasn’t paid in a long time leads to a fast-growing jackpot. This brings in more players, so it all turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy as the odds of someone winning increase dramatically.

Major online slots jackpots are won every month

Due to the high number of slots with progressive jackpots it is best to read some reviews online before signing-up to any slots site, it is easy to find stories about a new millionaire every month. In fact, there are many instances in which progressive jackpot games make people rich on a weekly basis. On average, the best-paying games will produce a winner every few months, so this is the standard waiting time for most jackpots.

Information about the best-paying progressive jackpot games, as well as the amount currently available, can be found online. Casinos are perfectly happy to advertise these details because they know they have a strong and immediate effect on players. When people learn that a popular game hasn’t paid in a long time, their attention automatically switches to that particular game.

The bottom line is that progressive jackpot games can hit when least expected and make people rich with one spin on the reels. You shouldn’t hold your breath for the next millionaire, but know that a big win is just around the corner. To have a shot at winning such a life-changing amount, you need to play and bet the maximum number of coins. Meanwhile, exercise proper bankroll management and the stakes sensible, so you enjoy the game securely, in anticipation of that big win.


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