Which led strip lights are the best in 2023?


Are standard light bulbs or lamps for you too mundane and are you dreaming of something exceptional to decorate your house or garden ? With LED tapes it will be possible! Are you not sure which are the best? In this article, we will tell you about superior led strip lights that are worth your attention and purchase.

Lighting is with us everywhere. Led lights guarantee the highest quality, efficiency and durability. They are available in many different colours, various intensiveness options that allow them to be used for both traditional lighting and innovative DIY projects. Additionally, they can be controlled via smartphone app, tablet or remote control. The outstanding feature of led strip lights is their adaptation to every customers’ preferences. Easily you can cut them, as well as set colour, brightness and different lighting patterns.

What’s worth adding, their installation is not sophisticated, so you won’t have any problems while assembling. Regardless of a place, if it is a home space, balcony or others – there is a LED tape for everyone. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and spectacular effects that they create. We can see a wide range of Led lighting available on the market, but which of them should be chosen? We’ve gathered the best strip lights for all of your needs and budget. Let’s take a look!

Our picks for 2023

LED Strip Warm White – probably the strongest LED strip in the world

  • Luminous efficacy 120lm/W,
  • 24 Watts/m,
  • double PCB,
  • 75.000h Lifespan,
  • Warranty 3-5 years.

If you are looking for first-rate strip lights for professional use, the LED Strip Warm White will be the best choice! High quality LEDs that guarantee small lumen decrease and colour constancy in time. This led strip light is available in a big variety of colours: Soft Warm White 2700k, Warm White 3000k, Natural White 4000k and Cold White  6000k. Its two layers of PCB with 3oz copper paths characterise a lower voltage drop and operating temperature. When it comes to the application, it can be used as a main lighting for housing, as well as business premises. 

LED Neon Natural White – hit type of LED lighting

  • 12W/m
  • 24V DC
  • 550 Lumens per metre
  • 30000h L70 lifespan
  • Warranty 3 years

Innovative and high quality led strip with a self-adhesive backing. The design of the LED neon flex light reduces the voltage drop and lowers operating temperature. Thanks to the number of LEDs in one module, it can ensure impressive luminous efficacy up to 140 lm/W. This is a tape that guarantees small lumen decrease and colour constancy in time.

Being flexible and adjustable enables it to be installed on different surfaces. In addition, it has IP65 rating, which guarantees complete protection from dust and effective water resistance, so its application can be also outdoors. Due to being exceptionally bright and appealing, it is often used for decorative purposes (walls, kitchen cabinets) and for marketing (advertising banners). See it at LucasLED! -> https://lucasled.ie/led-strip-lights.


LED Strip COB RGB – latest long-awaited child with LED Technology

  • Luminous efficacy 90lm/W
  • 2oz Copper paths
  • 15 Watts/m
  • 50.000h Lifespan
  • Warranty 3-5 years

What stands this colour changing product out is reduced voltage drop, lower operating temperature and smaller lumen decrease, which contributes to higher efficiency. Completely spotless led light can be prepared to the specified size and solder flex wire to each individual led strip. Thanks to the COB Technology, led tapes of this type provide a continuous and uniform line of light, with no discernible diodes typical of traditional led strip lights.

No matter where, outdoors or indoors, it can be used everywhere. Undoubtedly, it will be a perfect fit in your bedroom or bathroom. What’s more, COB LED strips are the best choice for professional use, for example in hotels, restaurants or swimming pool lighting. Check it out! 


LED Strip RGB Ultra High Bright – an impressive range of lighting possibilities

  • 22W
  • 815 Lumens per metre
  • 3oz 10mm FPC
  • 50000h L70 Lifespan
  • Warranty 3 years

Multicolour flexible strip is the only one led with 3-chips. Apart from that, two layers of PCB with 3 oz copper paths guarantee lower voltage drop and operating temperature. This highly efficient and best-quality RGB LED strip offers us an impressive range of lighting possibilities. Not only can you highlight your indoor design, e.g. furnishings, mirrors, but also outdoor areas such as building facades or walkaways. When it comes to professional usage, it can be used in restaurants, hotels, spas and many others. It’s also worth stressing that this 22 W Led tape can be applicated as a main lighting. As you can see, many using options thanks to the one LED Strip RGB Ultra High Bright. 

LucasLED – the one and best choice

Take your illumination to the next level with products from LucasLED. Only visit our website and pick the best product for your needs. It’s that simple 🙂 Your satisfaction and spectacular effects are guaranteed. Do not hesitate and start your adventure now!


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