The History of Omega Watches


 Omega is one of the most remarkable creations of watches whose history date back to the 18th century. The brand has been well known for establishing itself as a leader in the watchmaking world and is associated with many records for both sporting and scientific. Over the years, new models have been created to meet people’s demands and ensure excellent quality. If you are a fan of Omega watches, you might wonder why the watch is an asset and its history. Further, you can buy an Omega rubber strap which is affordable and durable. This article will help explore the history of omega watches.

The Origin of Omega Brand

To understand the omega brand, we need to go back to 1848, when the brand first began. The founder was Louis Brandt, who had set up a watchmaking business in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The business was evolutional and innovative such that the task was divided into different production units. Every unit specialized in a particular part of the clock and was obligated to ensure it was perfect. All these components were assembled under the name Louis Brandt. In 1879, Loius Brandt left the management to his two sons Caser Brandt and Louis Paul. 

The sons changed the brand’s name to Louis Brandt & Fils and moved it to Bienne in Canton of Bern. This decision was motivated by the son’s desire to transform their business into an industrial one. In 1880 they launched the first calibre, Le Labrador. This was a great success and allowed the brand to grow rapidly, which led to the hiring of nearly 250 people. By the end of that year, the brand was the greatest and most prominent in the swiss watchmaking industry and produced an estimated 100,000 watches per year.

In 1894 the two brothers introduced the 19 calibre, interchangeable with any watchmaker. This led the brothers to rename their creation OMEGA for their great achievement. This achievement was so outstanding that they decided to change the brand name to OMEGA Watch ^ Co. This has become one of the most selling calibre.

The Beginning of Setbacks

Omega suffered some set back at the beginning of the 29th century due to the crises. They suffered a great blow between 1908 and 1909 due to the economic crisis and the world war. There was also an outbreak of the Spanish flu that was followed by a worker’s strike, which had a tremendous negative impact on the swiss brand Iomega industry. However, in 1929 the Omega brand decided to join with SSIH to Survive, which they did.

The Renaissance for Omega

The omega brand introduced a new prototype in 1930, and later in 1932, they introduced a marine divers watch with a patented water resistance case. In 1937 they introduced the Medicus, which was used by medical personnel on the battlefield and in hospitals to monitor patients’ heartbeats. As the year went by, the OMEGA brand introduced the moon watch, the only one to be approved by NASA. They produced a watch that needs less maintenance and increases the chronometric precision of watches over time. Omega is also known to produce stopwatches used in different sporting games over the years. They have led to the innovation of photo finish.


The OMEGA brand has continued to produce high-quality models that can be used in sports and other activities. When looking for a model, consider the purpose you want the OMEGA watch to get the right one.


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