Introduction to Butterfly Valves and Their Applications


The primary purpose of a butterfly valve is to direct the flow of a gas or liquid through a tube or pipe. The most common materials are air, steam, gas, and fluids. In addition, these units can accommodate some dry clothes. We will learn more about the various butterfly valve components and their functions in this article. Continue reading to learn more. Get your high performance butterfly valve from their site.

The butterfly valve consists of a circular disc. The disc’s pivot axis runs in the same direction as the moving material. The valve has an actuator, a stem, a dis, a seat, and a body. Trim features are available for each of these parts in various materials. You should select the appropriate model valve based on the application.


The valve’s body is made of various metals, including exotic metals, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, ductile iron, cast iron, and others. These units are available in lug and wafer configurations. The latter is positioned in between flanges on pipes. This type of valve has the advantage of being much simpler to install and replace. However, you must drain the conveying line to replace it.

The other kind has tapped holes that let you bolt them to a flange that matches. When the valve is closed, the material is sealed.

The resilient seated type of these units is another common type. A unique seat made of elastomer is lined up inside the unit’s body. White neoprene, white buna, carbon, natural rubber, cyclobutyl, Teflon, Viton, buna, and EPDM are all common materials for these seats. Temperatures, pressures, and the nature of the fabric all play a role in your choice of material.

Some inexpensive unit seats are typically molded and cannot be replaced or removed. Precision units usually have seats that can be changed or fixed and are removable.


The disc component controls the conveying line’s material flow. In addition, the application determines the disc material selection. Ductile iron, nickel-plated, epoxy-coated, ductile iron, stainless steel, and aluminum are all common materials.


The stem enters the valve through the center, connects to the actuator, adjusts the disc for the best possible material flow, and then seals. Branches can be made of one or two pieces, depending on the valve size and application. Stems are typically constructed with carbon and stainless steel as primary materials.

There are a variety of actuators, including gear, electric, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, and manual handle actuators.


Butterfly valves can control a wide range of fluids, including air, steam, gas, and liquids. The disc-displaced materials can be handled with these units. Consider using caution when using these units in an application that is either abrasive or semi-abrasive.

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