How to make your holidays memorable


How to make your holidays memorable: activities in Jamaica with Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios

A vacation on the picturesque island of Jamaica resembles a heavenly pleasure: incredible nature, beaches, fascinating local traditions and vibrant energy. A holiday on the island of Jamaica resembles a heavenly pleasure: breathtaking nature, beaches, fascinating local customs, and vibrant energy. The true soul of Jamaica can be felt in the variety of unique activities. Visitors visit the island to get unforgettable emotions from flora and fauna. Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios is sure to be one of the best decisions on what to do. Activities there guarantee many smiles and memories for all your life.

Paradise in Ocho Rios

You can experience the beauty of Jamaica at the incredible 23-acre Dolphin Cove Jamaica. Among them, Ocho Rios will be a gem of a vacation with wide beaches, polite staff and awesome activities. If you are lucky enough to visit our complex, remember the treasure of recreation: swimming with dolphins. For a comfortable rest, you also get:

  • Jungle trail.
  • Lunch.
  • Cowabunga water slide and kayaks.
  • Beach Club.
  • Activities with the marine species of your choice in their natural environment.
  • Use of facilities and showers

And other necessities.

Swimming with dolphins is the key to a happy holiday.

Ocho Rios has a variety of programs to suit everyone’s abilities and budget. In addition, you can choose entertainment and additional options for the best vacation. The dolphin encounter is suitable for all ages and no swimming skills are required, so take advantage of this excellent opportunity to meet the ocean’s most beautiful mammal. If you want more experience and interaction with dolphins, swimming and unique entertainment, choose Dolphin Swim Adventure or Dolphin Royal Swim with a broader program for having fun. Yaaman + Dolphin Encounter will be a great option for those who want a more extensive range of entertainment, food and sightseeing. You can book and pay for a tour without leaving your home and then prepare for an incredible trip to dolphins!

Making friends with dolphins

Dolphins are charming, intelligent creatures that can quickly and flexibly adapt to new situations. 

From the first minutes of the visit, you understand these mammals and find contact. The instructors will explain the rules of behavior and tell interesting facts about the animals and the peculiarities of their behavior. After entering the ocean on a shallow platform, you will begin your vacation in the warm water in the company of dolphins. This mammal will become a friend, swimming next to you and allowing you to caress. These creatures are so friendly that you can even shake a fin!

The process of interaction

The interaction program includes a 30-minute swim with dolphins, instruction and stories about them, Access to Dunn’s River Falls natural park and Jungle Trail to admire nature, and a traditional lunch at the end. Dolphin interaction includes Belly Riding (if it is a program with swimming), hugging, handshaking, and hand target. You can also order professional photography to capture all the happiest moments. Carefully read the warnings and description of each program and feel free to go to these beautiful creatures!

In conclusion, swimming with dolphins is a rare opportunity to see marine mammals up close. Dolphins are known for their intelligence and playful nature, making them great underwater companions.  Ocho Rios is the best activities in Jamaica to get a lot of thrilling emotions.


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