Stunning Outfits to Light Up Eid 2023


Ramzan is the month of blessings. And Eid is the most exciting time of the year for Muslims worldwide. It is a golden opportunity to dress in beautiful clothes, gather with friends and family, and eat delicious Iftar food. Any woman would love to look her very best at Eid. With so many countless dress and jewelry options available, choosing what would look best on you can be daunting. Here are some options you can try out for Eid this year. Wearing these stunning dresses will surely dazzle anyone who comes your way. 

Trendy Eid Outfits for Indians

Eid celebrations in India are extremely mesmerizing. And the cherry on top is the beautiful Eid outfits. It is a common belief that North Indians prefer to wear salwar kameez and anarkalis on Eid, whereas South Indians prefer to wear sarees on Eid. But clothing on such an important day is a matter of personal choice. So, irrespective of where you live, you can try any elegant Eid outfit.

Salwar kameez in beautiful designs and displaying intricate embroidery is a popular choice for many people. It is a comfortable and elegant outfit to wear. So, it provides the perfect blend of comfort and style. You can buy cloth from the market and get a salwar kameez stitched for yourself to get an ideal size and preferred design. 

Elegant Eid Dresses

Anarkalis are another popular option chosen by women on Eid. These floor-length gowns are extremely elegant and beautiful to wear. You can get them in various designs and embroidery styles. Anarkalis are the perfect dress to wear when you want something comfortable but extremely glamorous at the same time. 

Another dress you can try for Eid is a sharara and kurti. Shararas is extremely mesmerizing bottom wear, which would look elegant on anyone. You can wear shararas with complex embroidery or simple embroidery. A good option is to wear a sharara with Chikan work to look simple but stylish.

Beautiful Eid Abaya

Traditional outfits can never go wrong for such a religiously significant day. So, wearing an Eid abaya will make you look stunning. If you have a slim figure, you can choose a tightly fitted abaya, which would flare out from the waist, giving an elegant look to your outfit. You can try a loosely fitted abaya with stunning designs and embroidery for a slightly heavier body. As for colors, simple colors look the best. You can go for dark colors like blue, green, gray, etc., for a stunning Eid look.

Stunning Eid Jewelry

Long diamond necklaces would be the perfect accessory for an Eid outfit. You can wear a diamond necklace with different colored gemstones studded, which could match the color of your outfit—for example- sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, etc. To pair with the necklace, a matching pair of dangly diamond earrings would nail the look.

Another good option would be to wear classic gold jewelry with some Kundan, or Polki work incorporated. This would look extremely elegant on a beautiful salwar kameez. You can pair the gold necklace with a pair of chunky gold jhumkas. You can also wear chandbalis, which are the perfect option for Eid. These would look so captivating on anyone. Pair the chandbalis with a matching necklace.

Besides classic necklaces and earrings, rings are another beautiful accessory to invest in. Rings connected with chains to your bangles or another ring would also look extremely beautiful on your hand. Be it diamond or gold, and rings are the perfect simple accessory to add to any outfit. 

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