How to Watch Albanian TV in Europe


Technology development brings amazing opportunities to all people around the world. Today, you can move from your birth country but stay in touch with it. Travelers can still learn daily news, listen to radio programs, and watch TV shows and movies. Staying on the other side of the world doesn’t limit you from viewing videos produced in your country anymore. 

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) technology makes it possible for viewers to watch programs from their homeland wherever they want. For example, NimiTV delivers Albanian television to people living in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. 

NimiTV Brings Albanian Television to Viewers in European Countries, New Zealand, and Australia

NimiTV is a video streaming service created by an Albanian-European company. It transmits Albanian TV channels to viewers in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. 

Viewers from these countries can access channels originally broadcasted in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Channels of Artmotion, DigitAlb, Tring, and Kujtesa are among the most favorite of NimiTV clients. Additionally, they enjoy beloved Albanian shows called BigBrother VIP Kosova and BigBrother VIP Albania NimiTV is privileged to stream them in Europe. 

IPTV technology allows NimiTV users to watch various kinds of video content formats, including video on demand solution (VOD), catch-ups, live streams, and radio services. 

What is more, all these channels and content formats are accessible on multiple devices. The brand provides applications for smartphones, computers, and Smart TVs. Customers download them from AppStore, PlayMarket, and other distribution services. 

Thanks to NimiTV, European Albanians can watch high-quality TV shows and feel close to their motherland. Children listen to their native language and learn more about their true nationality.  

The brand has become a part of Albanian families who live abroad. Since 2013, NimiTV has been bringing Albanian television and channels from around the world directly to Albanian homes in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. The flexibility and convenience of the service make the connection between Albania and European Albanians strong and joyful. 


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