Yellow-Tinted Glasses: Can You Get Them With Prescription Lenses and Other Important Questions Answered


You may have noticed in recent months an upturn in individuals wearing glasses with a yellow tint and have not been sure why they have suddenly become so popular. Well, there are many reasons why this is more than just a style trend.

Yellow-tinted glasses, sometimes referred to as champagne or amber glasses, and come in various shades and have benefits that go far beyond simply making a fashion statement and to help educate and inform you on the benefits of this eyewear trend, see below some key bits of information and tips on why they might be right for you. 

What are Yellow-Tinted Glasses, and What Are They For?

Those who are wearing yellow-tinted glasses are doing so for more than just aesthetic reasons. You may well have encountered, or even tried out, blue light-blocking glasses and yellow-tinted glasses are used for similar reasons.

Yellow-tinted computer glasses are helpful in filtering harmful blue light and have proven effective on an individual basis. Digital eye strain is a real issue right now, not least because we spend a growing amount of time in front of our desktop screens and mobile devices, and now a recent study has found that around 80% of American adults are using their digital devices for more than two hours every day. Almost 60% are, as a result, reporting symptoms of digital eye strain, with the severity covering a range of levels.

Some suffer a mild form of eye strain, others suffer from blurred vision and headaches, and dry eyes are seemingly common also.

Other Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Over-Exposure to Computer and Mobile Screens

Adopt the 20/20/20 rule. This means, if possible, for every 20 minutes you are staring at a screen, try to focus on items at least twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This gives your eyes and minds a chance to take a well-earned break.

Adjust the lighting in the room you are focusing on screens. Often the real issues that occur when using your computer or mobile devices are due to the lack of suitable lighting. For instance, many of us look at our mobile devices in a dark room before going to bed, and this is not great and should be avoided.

Try to make use of natural light; consider lower voltage light bulbs, and remember that while less light in your room is a good thing, not enough light is similarly problematic. 

Get regular eye exams so that you can stay on top of your eye health and that any issues can be spotted long before they become genuine problems. 

Look to use high-resolution screens, 75Hz or more; this will make the resolutions more like you see in real life; this eliminates the pixel effect that can make your eyes struggle to understand the images in front of you.

Yellow-tinted glasses are said to help reduce the issues outlined here, but there are other ways to mitigate the problem.

Do Yellow Tinted Glasses Help With Sun Protection?

Yes, there are some yellow-tinted glasses that offer protection from harmful UV rays but be sure not to assume that every pair does so. Make sure that the pair of glasses you are going to purchase offers this type of defense before purchasing them for this reason.

Can You Get Prescription Yellow Tinted Glasses?

Yes, you can, and many services offer these types of lenses, and as well as being supremely stylish, they also help in other areas. There is definitely something of a renaissance happening in this field, and yellow-tinted glasses are very much ahead of the fashion curve, which is interesting as many see these types of lenses as somewhat reflective of the swinging 60s. 

Will Yellow-Tinted Glasses Help You With Your Migraines?

Many believe that tinted glasses, in a variety of colors, help those with light sensitivity, and therefore this helps sufferers who face nasty migraines. Light sensitivity lenses, which tinted glasses are sometimes referred to, are made to help narrow the wavelengths of light, helping with a medical condition known as photophobia. 

Do Yellow-Tinted Glasses Help Driving At Night?

While some sources state that yellow-tinted glasses aid driving at night, this has been largely dismissed as a myth, and there is no evidence that they help in this regard. 

Will a Pair of Yellow Tinted Glasses Help With Depth Perception?

Some studies suggest that yellow-tinted glasses help in this area because they block out blue light and make the surroundings, as a whole, appear far brighter. So this can be very helpful in areas that are not well-lit. 

They become all the more effective on foggy, overcast, or hazy days. 

Are Yellow-Tinted Glasses Helpful During Sports Activity?

You may have seen some shooting sports where individuals wear yellow-tinted glasses, and many have found that these have helped with aim during poor conditions. 

Can Yellow-Tinted Glasses Promote Happiness?

This is harder to judge, but users do seem to feel that wearing yellow-tinted glasses brightens their mood as well as their vision. Much of this evidence is a tad anecdotal, and no detailed study in this area has proven to be conclusive either way.

More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

The uptake in the field of yellow-tinted glasses is evidence of a fundamental shift in this eyewear phenomenon, and it isn’t just due to a fashion accessory trend. There are real benefits to wearing this type of eyewear, but you should always discuss moving to this form of optical wear with a medical professional, especially if you are looking for such a purchase to aid you with a specific ailment or condition. 


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