The Leading Factors Causing Low Testosterone Levels among the Individuals


Hormones are important in every individual’s life since they affect how they react to situations. For instance, testosterone is important in men since it affects their sex drive, muscle mass, and strength. However, there are instances where the testicles produce less testosterone causing erectile dysfunction, sleep, and mood disorders and affecting the size of the testicles. Since this condition is uncomfortable, men having los angeles low testosterone are seeking treatment. If you have low testosterone, the following could be the common causes that could have triggered the condition.


In some instances, testosterone levels can reduce due to age since the body’s organs start to grow weak, affecting their performance. For example, the testicles could start having less power to produce testosterone. In most instances, after the person reaches 30 years, the testosterone levels begin to decline slowly. Even though aging is one of the factors, if you are a healthy man, you can maintain your testosterone throughout your life, or they decline by a low margin.


Obesity is one of the causes that can lower an individual’s testosterone level. When the person has excess weight, the excess fat in their body could trigger the aromatase hormone to convert testosterone to estradiol. In this instance, the individual’s testosterone will reduce while their estrogen level will increase. This is one of the leading reasons why most obese men have reduced libido and sexual function. Moreover, it can reduce your energy level. You could feel fatigued and struggle to exercise whenever you add an extra pound.

Cancer Treatments

Since cancer cannot seize naturally and is risky, they seek the right treatment when a person suffers from it. Even though some treatments help people recover, they expose them to varying side effects. One of the side effects is affecting testosterone production. For instance, hormone therapy for prostate cancer shuts testosterone production. Furthermore, after treatment, most men do not regain their previous level. Other treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, also affect testosterone levels.

Illegal Steroids

Most anabolic steroids, which are the synthetic testosterone version, have been one of the leading causes of testosterone deficiency. Regardless of these drugs being illegal, most young men use them to help build muscle and lose fat fast. However, when you take them, your body stops producing testosterone. The main problem is that most men do not know that muscle-building protein supplements have anabolic steroids.

Antidepressant Medications

When some people feel depressed, they opt to control the condition. However, most do not know these drugs could have side effects. One of the common side effects is it could cause low testosterone levels. The main reason antidepressants cause low testosterone levels is they interfere with the brain chemicals critical to make testosterone. Some of these drugs include; Paxil (paroxetine), Celexa (citalopram), and Prozac (fluoxetine).

Testosterone is one of the critical hormones in every man. However, despite being this important, there are other instances where people have conditions that reduce their level. This condition negatively affects men’s performance and ability to enjoy a quality life. Even though this condition could seem serious, there are treatments for them. The specialist will find the cause of the state and treat it, helping to restore your testosterone level.


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