How to Care for Baby’s Breath Flowers?


Baby’s Breath is beautiful, unpretentious, and long-lasting. Buy bulk baby’s breath from FiftyFlowers, follow a few care rules, and enjoy your bouquet for up to 10 days or even longer!

How to care for a fresh baby’s breath bouquet?

As soon as you receive the baby’s breath bouquet, free it from excess packaging that compresses or crumples the flowers. Straighten the stems and make them “relax.” This will allow the flowers to fully open their petals.

The flowers may look a little dehydrated at first, but don’t worry, this is okay. The fact is that bulk baby’s breath is delivered in boxes or other packages without water. This does not harm the flowers and speeds up delivery. So, after receiving the bouquet, cut the stems a little and immediately put them in cold water. In 4-12 hours, they will be saturated with water and will look completely fresh again.

Here are a few more secrets for caring for a baby’s breath:

  • Cut the stems at a 45° angle. In this way, you will open the “vessels” of the flower, and it will absorb liquid and nutrients better. Do this every time you change the water (every day or at least once every two days).
  • If flowers fall in a vase, try to change the water as soon as possible; otherwise, they will rot, the water will deteriorate, and the bouquet will last less than it could.
  • If the bouquet is in a floral sponge, water it every two days.

In a florist store, you can buy a special powder that prolongs the life of flowers. It is a mixture of nutrients and antibacterial substances. Add it to the water, and the baby’s breath will stay fresh longer.

How to dry the baby’s breath

There are two ways to dry flowers: the first is in the open air, and the second is under a press.

But firstly, prepare the bouquet. We advise you to choose sprigs that have both buds and bloomed flowers. Look over each branch and cut off shriveled or rotted flowers. Even if they dry out, they will look sloppy in the finished bouquet. Baby’s breaths are quite tall (20-30 inches), so shorten the length of the stem, if needed.

To dry the flowers in the air, tie 5-7 stems of freshly cut baby’s breath and hang the bouquet upside down in a dry place. The room should be dark because, due to exposure to the sun, the inflorescence may fade or get charmless pale-rusty color. The bouquet will be ready in about 2 weeks.

Press-dried flowers will be flat. They are most often made to decorate postcards and envelopes or to be put in gift boxes.

Place the prepared branches between the pages of a magazine or book and press down with something heavy (another book, for example). Keep in mind that moisture and the natural coloring of flowers can slightly damage the book pages. So, use the books that you don’t need anymore or first put a flower on a regular or newspaper sheet of paper and then put it in a book. The flowers will dry in 3-4 weeks.

How to dye the baby’s breath?

In nature, the baby’s breath usually has a white, pink, or light red shade, but it can be colored in any tint. For dyeing, it is best to use freshly cut flowers that have not yet been in water (or at least stayed out of the vase for some time). In such a way, the baby’s breath will absorb water with coloring more actively and will be dyed more evenly.

  1. Fill the jar with about 2-4 inches of water.
  2. Add food coloring to the water. The more coloring you add, the more brightly the flowers are dyed.
  3. Cut the stem at an angle of 45 degrees and immediately immerse it in the solution.
  4. Leave the flowers for at least 3-5 hours or overnight (depending on how bright you want the bouquet to be).

After dyeing, care for a fresh baby’s breath bouquet as we described at the beginning of the article.

The disadvantage of home dyeing is that it is difficult to predict what shade you will get. Flowers may become too bright or pale or get an ugly shade.

Florist shops use special florist coloring. Specialists follow the dyeing technique: they make a certain concentration of the solution, dye flowers for a clearly defined time, etc. This allows getting a variety of beautiful shades. So, if you want a colored baby’s breath, we advise you to buy them in a store.

Where to buy bulk baby’s breath?

You can buy wholesale baby’s breath at the FiftyFlowers store. The flowers are always fresh because we grow them ourselves, and they will arrive to you shortly after cutting. Baby’s breath is sold in bunches of 5-9 stems each, weighing at least 280 grams. It is available all year round. Order here, and you will always be surrounded by beautiful flowers!


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