Your A-Z Guide For Buying The Best Water-Resistant Backpack


When you’re ready to purchase a water resistant backpack, the choices can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider before buying, such as size, color, and how much storage it has. To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together this handy guide for choosing the perfect backpack for any occasion!

Get the right size.

If you get a backpack that’s too big, it’ll look awkward and weigh you down. If it’s too small, your stuff won’t fit and will get damaged. Make sure to get a backpack that fits your body size and the activities you’ll be doing with it. For example, if you want to take a long hike through New York City, you’ll need something much bigger than if you plan on commuting by foot or bike across town once or twice per week.

If possible, try out different backpacks before buying one to see how they feel when fully loaded.

Get the right closure type.

Zippers are the most common closure type. They’re durable and easy to use, but they can be a little clunky and sometimes get caught on things if you’re trying to be sneaky with them. Some backpacks have a rolltop closure, which is great for carrying items that need extra protection from water or dust.

A flap closure protects contents from rain and snow but not much else since it doesn’t keep out dust or dirt. Hook-and-loop closures are the best option for keeping out dirt and moisture because they will seal tightly around your bag’s opening once you close them with their magnetic clips or straps.

Go for a backpack with a strap for your umbrella.

You don’t want to be carrying your umbrella in one hand while trying to find your way around the bag with the other. A strap for your umbrella should keep it safely attached and protected, so you can focus on finding what you need. There are three options:

  • Shoulder strap: This is a good option if you like using an umbrella as a walking stick—it’s easy to hold it up in front of you and move quickly through crowds, or keep it out of the way while biking, hiking, or running.
  • Compartment: A compartmented backpack may be best for you if you prefer keeping accessories separate from clothes or books. You can place your umbrella in one large pocket, where it won’t get caught on anything else in your bag as easily.
  • Side pocket: For those who plan on keeping their umbrellas somewhere more permanent than their backpacks, side pockets might be ideal for storing them when not in use. This is because they’re easier than compartments at preventing items from shifting around too much during transport, and access is easier than shoulder straps since no extra movements are required.

Make sure there are grab handles on the top and sides of your backpack.

If your backpack has many features, it can be difficult to find them all at first. Grab handles are one of those features that can be hard to locate because they’re often tucked away and not immediately visible. They’re important because they offer an easy way to carry your bag when it’s full, especially if you have more than one compartment or if there’s something heavy in the bottom of your pack.

Grab handles are also useful when you need to pick up your backpack, run through an airport or train station, or even walk across campus without worrying about dropping everything out of your hands.

Ensure there is extra padding where the bag will contact your body.

Make sure the backpack you choose has extra padding where the bag will contact your body. The straps of a backpack should be padded to prevent them from digging into your shoulders and back. In addition, the back panel should be padded so that it doesn’t rub against your spine while carrying the pack. Finally, a waist strap can help distribute some weight to other parts of your body and take the stress off your upper body.


We hope this guide was helpful to you in making your decision on the best water-resistant backpack. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to outdoor gear like backpacks. 


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