Instagram, a popular social media platform, constitutes the core of social marketing strategy. Log in to Instagram and search for any of your favorite brands, voila, you’ll find it there.

With the introduction of the business account feature, Instagram has made it easier for businesses to connect with interested buyers, gain a wider reach, and get popular on Instagram. 

However, what sits at the base of everything is the engagement rate. Engagement rate is essential for good marketing of your products and an indicator of how well your products are doing.

Thus, your digital marketing strategy should be robust to gain wider reach and get popular on Instagram. How do we do that?

Well, do not worry if you are confused. We are here to solve all your questions and take you through some simple steps to help you analyze Instagram Marketing.

1) Recognize Your Rivals

Many of us get so caught up in maintaining our feeds and content that we forget the purpose of keeping everything top-notch. Think about it in this manner. If you are the only bakery in the town, people will only come to you for bread and buns. No one is willing to spend fuel and gas to travel to another city for some bread. In such a case, you might not work so hard on the interiors, presentation, etc., because you know there is no competitor. Now imagine there were six new bakeries. Wouldn’t you now try to improve yourself to stay ahead of the competition? 

It is what matters on social media. You must keep everything almost perfect and do your best to stay ahead of your competitors. However, it is possible only when you recognize who your competitors are. 

When you identify the brands, shops, or businesses in the same league as you and are doing better, start supporting their growth rate. You have to observe the kinds of pictures they click, which trends they follow, and what their hashtags are. 

Observing this will help you analyze what your Instagram marketing strategy is missing. Comparison increases the scope for improvement and helps you analyze and enhance your social media strategy to gain a wider reach.

2) Keep an eye on Shareable and Saveable Content

Sharing and saving are two of the most helpful and significant actions. They also help you get popular on Instagram. As a result, shared and saved actions have become one of the most important metrics for analyzing your Instagram marketing.

Instagram SEO ranks higher on shared and saved content and is highly visible to the audience.

Therefore, you must create content that is shareable and saveable. Look at others around you and see what content is the most shared or what type of content from your niche would save the most. Reviews? Tutorials? or hacks?

You can visit insights and check the number of shares and saves per post. You can also see the highest to lowest shared posts. This way, you can understand what your target audience is enjoying and reproduce similar content.

3) Evaluate the Influence of Individual Posts

It becomes more crucial when your posts create advertisements on Instagram. Each post can generate considerable activity if well structured.

Analyze the number of followers each post brings to the account or if it generates any activity. Insights help you to view all these metrics all at once.

Response to each post represents the consumer’s interest, which is crucial to constructing your Instagram marketing strategy.

4) Keep an eye on the website links.

If you are running an online business or a blog, you can measure the engagement brought in by real Instagram comments

There are numerous methods for analyzing the number of clicks on your bio links. Let us first learn some ways to increase these clicks.

As a first step, include it in captions to check your link. Create some curiosity for people to take action. You can upload a fancy picture of your product and tell the customers to visit the website for price and more details.

Secondly, you can create a specific landing page for those going via your bio link. It will become easier to analyze the number of clicks your website receives via Instagram. 

Thirdly, do not complicate the process too much and ensure that the website is always functioning well. 

To see the click rate, go to insights and click on activity. When you scroll to the bottom, you will find your required data. 

5) Keep track of the number of profile visits.

Profile visitors are also essential for Instagram SEO. It increases the visibility of your posts and helps gain a wider reach on Instagram, thus increasing engagement with your account. 

To increase profile visits, you need to keep all the elements of a post perfect. Your captions should be creative, your pictures must be high resolution and interesting, and your filters should not look overdone or atypical.

Apart from this, the username, bio, and feed should also be impressive enough to keep the followers hooked.

Instagram insights made it easy for you to analyze the overall profile visits and the profile visits brought by each post.


Analyzing the success of your Instagram marketing strategy is as essential as your Instagram marketing strategy. You will find multiple brands buying Instagram likes and followers to get popular on Instagram. However, it does not bring them long-term growth or quality engagement. 

Regularly analyzing your Instagram marketing strategy is fundamental to reconstructing and enhancing it. Make sure to focus on one word at a time to make it easier to manage the online presence of your business. 


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