Is it worth hiring someone online to write your resume?


With so many job-seekers looking to get hired these days, it is getting harder to get noticed and shortlisted by hiring managers. Since a resume is your first touchpoint with the prospective employer, even minor mistakes can lead to rejecting your application. For example, 77% of hiring managers toss resumes because of poor grammar or typos, and 35% of them are turned off by an unprofessional email address.

If you want to get better results in your job search, consider hiring someone to write your resume. A professional resume writer can help you avoid common resume mistakes, pass the ATS screening and persuade the employer that you are the right fit for the role. After you pay someone to write my resume, the writer will tailor it to your target job posting and ensure that it presents you effectively to help you land interviews.

6 situations when hiring someone to write your resume is worth it

Hiring an expert to edit or rewrite your resume is beneficial to every job-seeker, as it might be challenging to present your career history effectively. Yet, working with a professional is especially helpful in these situations:

You are not getting interviews

The main purpose of a resume is to secure you an interview call. If you apply for dozens of jobs that you are perfectly qualified for but never hear back from employers, the problem might be your resume. Maybe, you make mistakes or your resume has “red flags” that turn off the hiring managers. Or, your resume focuses on qualifications and skills irrelevant to your target jobs, and the recruiters don’t see how the company will benefit from hiring you.

In any case, a professional resume writer will identify the problem and compose a resume that emphasizes the right qualifications.

Your career history has issues

Not everyone has a smooth career history and a track record of promotions. Maybe, you had a long gap in your career or were fired from your previous job after just one month, and don’t know how to properly address it on a resume. Or, you changed industries, and your professional experience doesn’t read like a holistic and coherent story.

A resume professional can address these and other issues in a resume or a cover letter so that your application raises no “red flags” with employers.

Writing isn’t your cup of tea

Writing a resume means effectively describing your experiences, competencies, and accomplishments. You need to use strong verbs, give context rather than generic statements like “managed spreadsheets and prepared reports”, and add figures to illustrate your contribution. On the flip side, not every person is a naturally good writer. If you are a financial analyst or a web developer, your talents lie in a completely different area, but this shouldn’t prevent you from getting a great job.

Share your career history with a resume writer, and they will find the right words to persuasively convey your great skills.

You are not sure how to optimize the resume for ATS

Today, almost 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS systems to screen resumes. Since large companies can receive thousands of resumes, they use software to toss the irrelevant applications. Thus, hiring managers can focus on the resumes of candidates who are potentially a good fit.

Optimizing the resume for ATS means using a specific resume structure, and format, and adding the keywords mentioned in the job posting. If all this sounds too complicated, a professional writer can adapt your resume for a specific job to increase your chances to be considered.

You are changing careers

Changing careers is probably the most difficult issue when it comes to composing a resume. When you switch from retail sales to a website design, it might be challenging to write a resume that explains how your seemingly irrelevant experience can be helpful in a new role. Yet, experienced resume writers are well aware of how to write such resumes, what structure to use, and how to mention the experience from your previous career.

Moreover, the writer will prepare a persuasive cover letter explaining your motivation for changing the profession and your advantages over the recent graduates.

You are not sure what to include

Resume writing rules constantly evolve. Years ago, it was enough to list your past jobs and education on one sheet of paper to get an interview. Today, you need to craft a career summary, include only the relevant positions on your resume, list skills and other activities such as volunteering or publications. At the same time, what information to include and what to leave out will depend on how many years of experience you had, your target job and other factors.

A resume professional will help you decide on what to include, and make sure your resume has no unnecessary details.

Things to know before hiring a resume writer

To make the most out of your cooperation with a resume helper, remember these tips:

  •         A resume writer cannot guarantee you a job. A skilled writer will help you get more interviews by effectively marketing your strengths. Yet, the writer does not influence the hiring decisions, so if a writer promises you a job, this is likely a scam.
  •         Read reviews before hiring someone. Check customer feedback about the resume company to ensure that other customers were satisfied with their quality of wiring and service. Ask around – maybe, your friend or colleague can recommend a good professional.
  •         Understand the process. Some writers work with customers via phone, and some communicate via email. Also, clarify how many days it will take to compose a resume and how many rounds of revision they provide.

A resume writer can help every job-seeker land more interviews by presenting their strengths on paper effectively, so if you have any questions about building a great resume, don’t hesitate to ask for help.




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