What ADU Is The Best?


Additional dwelling units have risen in popularity due to changing laws in California that make it easier than ever to construct one. Since there are a number of different types, you may be wondering what ADU is the best type to build.

Types Of ADUs

There are five main types of ADUs.

  •  Detached ADU – Stand-alone unit
  •  Attached ADU – Attached to the primary home
  •  Internal ADU – Within the structure of the primary home
  •  Garage conversion ADU – A garage turned into an ADU
  •  Junior ADU – Attached ADU no larger than 500 square feet

 Each ADU has advantages and disadvantages associated with developing it. Which one is the best solution for you is dependent upon your situation and needs.

Detached & Attached ADUs

Detached and attached ADUs are extremely popular for individuals who have the space in their yard for one. Both are usually more expensive to build but are completely customizable when it comes to designing them.

 Detached ADUs offer more privacy for the tenants and are great for renting out for extra income. Attached ADUs are better for renting to family members or multi-generational housing since they are attached to the primary home and offer less privacy.

 Both units offer customization and a level of privacy but are rather expensive.

Internal & Garage Conversion ADUs

Internal and garage conversion ADUs tend to be the most affordable options. However, both severely limit your creativity.

 Internal ADUs are not very popular because they don’t add living space to your property. Instead, they turn existing living space into a rentable area. For example, you may turn your upstairs into an internal ADU and rent it out.

 Garage conversions are very popular because most of the time they are very affordable and add living space to your property that can be rented out. The only issue is that you will need to find somewhere to store your belongings that were previously stored in the garage.

Junior ADU

JADUs are great for multigenerational housing because they are small and attached to the primary home. They don’t make great options for long-term renting to strangers, but they are more affordable to build than a bigger ADU and don’t require a bathroom as long as tenants have access to one within the primary home.


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