Why Do Car Detailers Use Steamers?


There are a few ways of car detailing that are more efficient than using a steamer. The high-pressure steam is great at getting all the nooks and crannies of your car and doesn’t have the same risk of inadvertent damage that some traditional methods may have.

Steamers are also great when looking to clay bar a car, which is the process of using an engineered elastic clay compound to remove particles from your car’s surface that even a thorough car wash could not. Some common reasons for car detailers using steamers are:

Perfect for Leather 

Your car’s leather seats can get pretty icky over time, but cleaning them with abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals can remove the dye of the leather or even damage it. 

Leather is a naturally porous substance, which makes it ideal to clean with steam. This is because steam opens up the pores in the leather and pulls out oil and dirt. Then you can just wipe down with a microfiber and your leather seats will be restored to their factory finish.

Kills Bacteria 

Using a steamer for auto detailing naturally reduces microorganisms. There is no need for a microbiologist to determine how many bacteria are on steering wheels and seats, and most antibacterial cleansers take several minutes of dwell time. Several antibacterial agents are hazardous, whereas steam is both more efficient and safer.

Eliminates Stubborn Stains 

Harsh stain-removal chemicals can damage the interior of your car. A steam cleaner is an ideal method to remove stubborn stains gently and naturally. Even the toughest salt stains are no match for a high-pressure steamer. 

Cleans Hard to Reach Areas 

It can be quite tricky to get into all the nooks and crannies of a car when auto detailing, especially when relying on various chemical cleaners and brushes. Steam cleaners get rid of this problem entirely. With a continuous stream of high-pressured steam, detailing any crevice or hard-to-reach area becomes an absolute breeze.

Engine Steam Detailing

Engine detailing is made simple with a commercial steam cleaner. Steam provides easy access to the most sensitive portions of an engine room, and oil and grime cannot withstand its pressure. The therapy lasts about 15-20 minutes. Steam is the most effective and safest method of cleaning an auto engine. Because engine steam cleaning utilizes less water than traditional methods, engine damage caused by water is less likely.

Great for Clay Bar Treatment 

Clear-coat is riddled with pores and swirl marks which trap dirt, tar, and oils, reducing the brilliance and reflectivity of paint. Steam pulls dirt out of these pores to restore the natural finish of the paint, making it a great help for clay bar treatment.

Deeply Cleans Tires

When it comes to cleaning wheels and tires thoroughly, a steam cleaner is preferred to soap and water. High-pressure steam removes dirt, dust, and other debris without streaks or residue, and it liquefies brake dust.


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