Vanilla Brides is a wedding photography and videography company


Since its formation, wedding photography company has captured many unique moments of engagements and wedding celebrations. provides a wide range of services: from organizing the wedding ceremony to taking photos of the event. Applying to this company, the newlyweds can get rid of a number of troubles. All tasks will be taken care of by qualified specialists. 

Our staff will fulfill any of your wishes. With Vanilla Brides you do not need to shoot separate photos, videos for each invited person. A professional operator will take care of everything. In the process of professional wedding photography high-quality equipment designed for outdoor photography is used. Thanks to our technical support, our customers get high-quality photos with high resolution. The cost of all services provided by the company is listed on the website.  

At the request of clients wedding photos can be designed in the same style. In addition to the newlyweds, the team will beautifully capture the invited guests, relatives, the design of the celebration, the elements of decor. You will participate in a unique photo shoot, bring your deepest desires to life. Any idea you come up with or suggested by our team is processed as quickly as possible.  

Today, we are proud to say that we are the most in demand national photo and videographer company. We started with a small business in South Florida, Southern California, Arizona, and now successfully operate in all U.S. states. 

The advantages of the company

The services of our organization are used by more and more customers. We have undeniable advantages over our competitors:

  • qualified employees;
  • packages that include a full range of services;
  • professional wedding videography, photo shoot;
  • the embodiment of the customer’s wishes into reality;
  • the fastest way to design a wedding album;
  • individual approach to each client.

With Vanilla Brides, the memories of your celebration will remain for years to come. Touching moments, funny situations with the guests, wedding cake, original decorative elements will be captured by our professionals. Your friends won’t have to run around with a phone in their hands to capture unique moments. You can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday and not burden yourself with the hassle of the ceremony. 

Prices for wedding photography and videography by Vanilla Brides

The company Vanilla Brides cares about your peace of mind and tries to relieve you as much as possible from the wedding hassle. The site presents a variety of photo-idea packages with descriptions and prices. Thanks to this you can choose the most suitable option for your celebration.

Before starting cooperation, it is recommended to get acquainted with the services that are included in different packages and their cost. So, you can decide which offer is optimal for you.  

Each package includes all the preparations for the magical ceremony. Individual wishes are discussed separately with your specialist. They are not included in the price of the package presented.

For detailed information, we recommend filling out the application form on the Vanilla Brides website or calling the phone number listed on the home page.


Do you want to have exceptionally pleasant memories of your wedding day? Contact the company Vanilla Brides, order wedding photography and videography services. We will highlight the most touching moments of the celebration, and will create a pleasant impression of the celebration.

According to a survey of couples, a wedding is one of the most memorable moments in their lives. Contact Vanilla Brides for a pleasant experience. Our close-knit team of highly qualified specialists will make your wildest dreams come true. No moment of your love story will be missed.

We are inspired by our activities. Examples of our work can easily be found on the website, social networks and the Internet. You can get a first impression by looking at pictures of people who were happy to share their special day with us. The positive feedback from our customers shows that our work wasn’t done in vain. Contact the company Vanilla Brides, and you will be happy to remember the happy moments long after the wedding!


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