Your Guide To Know Better About HP Ink And HP Toner Cartridges


HP is a popular brand that has been introducing the best of the best printer equipment for many years. If you have run out of ink or toner, fortunately, you can buy hp ink cartridges for domestic and office use. They are available in different models. But how do you come to know which ink or toner cartridge is best for your printer? 

For your assistance, This guide is going to put the light on HP ink and toner cartridges so that you could know better about the cartridges and save money buying the right cartridge for your printer. Moreover, after reading it, you can resolve issues if your HP cartridge is not working well. Let’s begin.

HP Ink Cartridges Vs HP Toner Cartridges

HP ink cartridges basically come in two types, one is black and tri-color, and the others come in Black, Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan individually.  All these ink cartridges are excellent in performance as they produce high-quality text and image prints. But individual cartridges are particularly cost-saving because they use single-color causing less waste of ink. The HP ink cartridge series, HP 60, HP 61, HP 62, HP 63, HP 64, HP 65, and HP 67, is popular in black and tri-color.

While HP toner cartridges are specifically made for laser printers and produced prints with higher speed comparatively. These cartridges are available in both high and standard or low-yield sizes. The high-yield cartridge is filled with a larger amount of toner inside it and vice versa. In other words, the high-yield cartridges work for a longer period and provide more prints. HP toner cartridges number ending with A and X represent standard yield and high-yield simultaneously. For example, HP 87A representing standard yield cartridge prints 9800 pages, and HP 87X, a high yield cartridge, produces 18000 pages. Moreover, if the part number on a cartridge ends with Y, it shows an extra high-yield cartridge i.e HP 976Y.

Does HP Printer Come With Ink Or Toner?

When you purchase a new HP printer, it includes the toner or ink but is lower than standard yield cartridges. This means you can print less but not as long as a new HP cartridge runs for a specific period. Later on, you can buy higher-yield versions according to your printer load.

How Long Does HP Ink Or Toner Run?

If you have an inkjet printer, HP ink will be long lasting up to 2 years or even more if you proceed with your printer’s cleaning function after the HP ink cartridge runs out of ink. On the display of your computer, you will find an alert ‘low cartridge’ when your printer is out of ink. So it is time to replace the ink cartridge.

HP toner is significantly used in laser printers. Toner is actually a powder-form material made of plastic, so it does not dry sooner like ink. It can last more than 2 years. In the case of using a laser printer, when your HP cartridge runs out of toner, your computer will automatically display a message ‘low cartridge’. After running out of toner, your printer is still able to produce prints for months but over time, the internal parts might be damaged. At that stage, you have to replace the HP toner cartridge.

How To Solve Print Errors?

If a printer generates bad prints or shows errors on your display while using HP ink or toner cartridge, there are possible ways to resolve printing errors. Usually, these errors occur due to poor communication between the printer and the cartridge. 

In the case of using an HP ink cartridge, you can resolve the issues if you clean the metal contact points on the end of the cartridge. The other important way to solve print errors is cold starting your printer. 

If you face print quality issues while using a toner cartridge in your laser printer, you can simply resolve the issue by removing the toner cartridge from the printer and softly rocking the toner cartridge back and forth a few times to redistribute the toner powder. By doing this, your toner cartridge will work better. 

Are HP Toner And Ink Cartridges Refillable?

Yes, HP cartridges can be refilled as the refill kits are available in the market. Using refill kits is, no doubt, cost-saving but they can harm your printer and affect the print quality if you use them multiple times. In the case of toner cartridges, it is not recommended to refill them because the toner is manufactured with a plastic material that can be more dangerous and messy. However, instead of refilling the toner or ink cartridge, using compatible cartridges might be more beneficial and certainly, money-saving.

How Can HP Toner And Ink Cartridges Be Recycled?

The good part of using HP cartridges is that they can be recycled. Many companies selling cartridges offer the HP users to recycle their HP ink or toner cartridges. They also ensure that the recycled cartridges will be pollution-free and more environment-friendly.

How To Install HP Cartridges?

The installation process of HP cartridges varies from printer to printer but mostly HP cartridges can be installed with the basic method. When you buy a new cartridge, it includes a protective clip or tape which is supposed to be removed before installing an HP cartridge in your printer. Otherwise, this clip may cause a disturbance in the functioning of the cartridge in your printer. Once the tape or clip is removed, push the HP cartridge in your printer slightly which will produce a sound of a click. Now wait a while and let the cartridge be installed. When your printer is initialized, your printer is ready to produce prints.


Having good knowledge of HP ink and toner cartridges can definitely assist to find the right cartridge to fulfill your printing needs. You can also save money if you know exactly how page yield works and what yield size of HP cartridge is perfect for your printer. Moreover, multiple online sources and HP’s official website can help to let you know enough about various models of HP ink and toner cartridges. In this way, you would have an idea of which HP cartridge will be compatible with your printer. So all these guidelines are crucial to know for a perfect HP choice. 

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