The IMAGE Expo and What It’s All About


There is no doubt that beauty trends and styles have changed over the years, and continue to evolve as time goes on. Different beauty standards have been revered throughout history and can be rich in cultural meanings and societal statuses. People all around the world look toward different beauty standards and products and are fascinated with the dynamics associated with different patterns and trends. Due to this extensive industry and large interest population, it is not surprising that some of the biggest expos around are beauty expos. Make sure to look into trade show displays If you need a quality display for your next beauty exhibition. Specifically, the IMAGE expo has made a huge name for itself. Come see what makes this expo so popular among not only the beauty enthusiasts and professionals but just regular people as well. 

Beauty Products From the Top Brands 

This particular trade show is located in the large city of Houston, Texas – and with it being placed there, it draws so many tourists and locals based on the sheer size of the city itself. The IMAGE Expo compiles people from all over Texas and the surrounding areas from the beauty products industry. Exhibitioners promote and display the industry’s top brands in all kinds of beauty products. This beauty event is not limited to any number of beauty products, but many products that you will see displayed there include

  • Makeup aesthetics/permanent makeup
  • Skin products
  • Nail care and design products
  • Nail tool equipments
  • Organic products
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Hair products/Hair extensions/hair color products
  • Barber products

United States Major Beauty Market

The IMAGE expo is arguably one of the United States major beauty markets in how large it is, how many vendors it exhibits, and how many people choose to attend. Beauty influencers and licensed cosmetologists from all over the state sign up to exhibit and attend this expo. Based on past years experiences, over 500,000 cosmetologists are included in this expo – which is what contributes to it being a huge beauty market in the United States. Because this expo is so close to the large city of Houston, it makes this expo well-attended and quite popular to those living there and those who are visiting. There are usually over 7,000 people attending this event as well as over 100 booths to walk through when attending the IMAGE expo. 

To All Beauty Professionals 

This expo event is one that everyone can enjoy and learn from, but it specifically focuses on and caters to all the beauty professionals out there. It is a full-service beauty event that helps beauty professionals and entrepreneurs gain business relationships and see what the top new trends in the beauty industry are. This expo, in particular, can give you insights on who and what your competition is in the beauty world for your business. Only the best beauty industry professionals exhibit at this expo, making it a great opportunity to learn and grow your own business. Look into getting some custom trade show displays for your next beauty exhibit and attend the largest major beauty market around.


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