The Process of Getting a Price for Commercial Cleaning


Have you finally decided that it is time to invest in commercial cleaning? Having employees clean down the office is not something that is not feasible in the long term. It can affect productivity and cause future problems. Instead, switching to commercial cleaning services makes everything a lot easier. You can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to sanitisation, and you can make a good impression on staff, as well as clients.

But, you might not be sure of the process for hiring a commercial cleaning company and getting a price. So, let’s discuss the process, so you know what will happen.

Research Commercial Cleaning Companies

The first step in the process is going to be looking for commercial cleaning companies that you like. You should take your time and research what companies are in your local area and have the expertise you are looking for.

Indeed, it can give you peace of mind when you select a commercial cleaning company with years of experience. For example, Platinum Cleaning is a popular commercial cleaning company in London that you might look to hire. With an experienced team, they can ensure your offices or business premises are kept in pristine condition. This provides an excellent workplace environment for your employees.

Ask for a Quote

Next, once you have found the company or companies you would like to consider for hire, you will need to ask for a quote. There are several ways you can do this, and the process will depend on the company.

Call the Team

First of all, the company might want you to call the team. This means that you will speak to an employee who can explain more about the service they offer. They can also advise you on what the price will be for your needs.

Email for Information

Another option might be to email the company. This may take a little bit longer to get a price since you will need to send them over information. You might not know this in advance, and there could be some back and forth. But this may not be a problem for you if you are just inquiring and are not in a hurry.

Follow the Online Instructions

Often, companies will have processes you can follow on their website to get a quote. You will select a range of options, and this can generate a quote for you. This is quick and easy to use, which can give you a rough estimate straight away. This can allow you to make a decision on whether to go further with that company.

The Information You Should Give

There is going to be some standard information you will need to give a cleaning company to receive a rough estimate and price. Here is some of the information you should expect to give a company online.

The Type of Service

Often, commercial cleaning companies will offer different types of services. For example, they can often do general cleaning, or it might be more specific, such as carpet cleaning. You will need to outline what you are looking for.

How Many Rooms

Next, you will need to tell the company how many rooms you want to be cleaned. This is going to allow them to estimate how long it will take to work on your business premises. What’s more, they may wish you to outline what type of rooms you want to be cleaned. For instance, this could be bathrooms, office rooms or a reception.

Contact Details

Of course, you will have to give the company some basic information. This is going to include your name and contact details, such as your phone number and email address. They need to get back to you about the quote. In addition, they will also want to know your business address.

Additional Requests

There may also be a box on the form for any additional requests you have. So, do not hesitate to outline other needs you have and are looking for the company to fulfil during their cleaning services.



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